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  • Avacado Milkshake

    Avacado Milkshake

    Summer has already hit Mangalore and it is super hot and humid. Though it is slightly drizzling sinc...

  • Instant cabbage ambado

    Instant cabbage ambado

    Hello dear readers! Today I will share an easy peasy recipe of cabbage ambado. I found this picture ...

  • Thai spring roll

    Thai spring roll

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  • Avale chutney, Gooseberry chutney

    Avale chutney, Gooseberry chutney

    Hello dear readers ! Today I will share a g.s.b style avale chutney recipe. Avalo means Gooseberry. ...

  • Egg Bhurji

    Egg Bhurji

    Hello dear readers! Today I was  browsing the blog casually and found that I have missed adding many...

Bili Holige (chiroti rawa chapathi)

Bili holige is a dish from Karnataka and is famous in Bangalore.Bili means white in Kannada.Holige means stuffed paratha.But in this recipe I am not using any stuffing.There are various recipes and names for this rotti.This dish is prepared  by using Chiroti rawa.Chiroti rawa is  very fine wheat rawa.This chapati is very soft and  very tasty .No one can eat ... Read More »

Chatpata Corn

Corn is very delicious and  high in nutrients.The first thing comes in my  mind about corn is roasted corn on cob and the boiled corn.There are various recipes based on corn and this is one of them.The first thing my kids want when going to the  mall or fair is Corn Chaat.This is a very simple recipe and  I have ... Read More »

Clams Sukkha (Kubbe Sukkhe)

Clams sukkha or Kubbe sukkhe in Konkani is again a Konkani preparation.Kubbe means clams and Sukkhe means dry .They are surprisingly high in Iron.They are a good source of phosphorus,Zinc,Copper etc. Seafood is generally cooked in mud vessels in South Kanara as it enhances the flavor.Coming back to the recipe this is again my mom’s recipe.This dish is my son’s ... Read More »

Kabuli chana cutlets

Chickpea or Garbanzo beans is most commonly known as kabuli chana in India.Chickpea is rich in protein.It is one of the oldest cultivated legumes.This recipe is my own creation .What better way than this  to make the kids eat.Be it kids or grown ups,one will enjoy this yummy cutlets with ketchup or chutney. Ingredients: Kabuli chana or chick pea-1 cup ... Read More »

Dhali Thoy

Dhali Thoy is a popular Konkani special dhal which is a must in most of the GSB homes.This dhal is prepared with tuvar dhal (split red gram).Any functions like weddings,temple functions,you’ll get this yummy dhal to relish it.The aroma of asafoetida is simply aromatic.This dhal is a very good combination with rice.During weddings and temple functions this is served on ... Read More »

Bitter Gourd chutney (Karathe kismuri)

Bitter gourd chutney is known as karathe kismuri in Konkani. Bitter gourd consists lot of health benefits. It is an excellent source of Vitamin C and  is very low in calories. It stimulates easy digestion. It has the ability to lower blood glucose in diabetics. Coming back to the recipe, this recipe is of my  late mamama’s(maternal grandmother). She used ... Read More »

Prawn Biryani

Prawn Biryani is one my favorite biryani. About this recipe let me tell you’ll, I had been to cooking class just after my marriage .Shashi V Shetty was  very well known for her cooking classes back then. My besty Amitha and me had attended her Biryani classes and learn’t the technique. She taught us Chicken biryani, Prawn biryani and Mutton biryani in the ... Read More »

Chicken dum biryani

This chicken biryani is one of the memorable  recipe for me.I borrowed this recipe from my best friend  Lakshmi kudua’s mother,Purnima aunty,18 years back and have been preparing it since then.Purnima aunty is a pure vegetarian who cooks excellent non vegetarian dishes.This is the first handwritten recipe in my recipe book which I noted when I just got engaged and ... Read More »

Mussels masala fry

Mussels ,most commonly known as Neeli in konkani ,found  abundant in Kerala.Mussel farming is most common in North Kerala.Studies say that people who consume Mussels have lower risk s of suffering from arthritis.It is also an excellent source of omega3 fatty acids,iodine etc Ingredients: Mussels-15 Chilly powder-2tsp Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp Vinegar-1 tsp Pearl onons-12 Garlic-6 Curry leaves-10 -12 leaves Coriander ... Read More »

Pomfret with ginger and onion curry

This is an authentic  konkani preparation prepared in most of the GSB homes.Pomfret with ginger and onion is known as  pomfret alle piyavu in konkani. Alle means ginger and piyavu means onion.This fish  has many health benefits.It contributes to one of main table fish in India.It is also known as  Silver pomfret. It is very tender while it gets cooked and very ... Read More »