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Crispy ribbons

After preparing all the sweet goodies I wanted to prepare something crispy today.So on right time Amma arrived with this recipe which she found in Graha Shobha magazine and when she told me the recipe  it sounded very easy and I thought of  giving  it a try.And immediately I started my job.Now the confusion was which blade to use,there were ... Read More »

Assorted fish fries

Yesterday was Naraka Chaturdashi,2nd day of Diwali,and I was very busy cooking all delicacies and not to forget to mention, it is one of my favorite day of Diwali. The main reason to be my favorite is we Konkanis do Ganga pooja ,have oil bath,wear new clothes,light crackers,light diyas(oil lamps) and most IMPORTANT  is we cook SEAFOOD,my favorite.And my menu was deep ... Read More »

How to make Fry paste (Guli)

Fry paste or  guli as in Konkani is a traditional paste which we prepare and store it for few days especially when any function is nearing or  I can say, we prepare it on the D day itself and  the surplus paste we store.This paste or masala is used in most of the fried dishes in both veg and non-veg.It ... Read More »

Boondi ladoo(mitai undo)

Boondi ladoo or mitai undo as in Konkani was in my cooking wish list since a long time. But wasn’t  very confident to attempt. But today, after watching few videos from the  you tube , I mustered  some courage and started  the process. I followed all the instructions like an obedient student  given by Hethal and Anuja from Show me the  ... Read More »

Besan ke ladoo

Happy Dhanterus to all!This is my 75th post.My baby blog is growing day by day.And  I am really very happy for the response that I am getting and inspiring me more to do my job better. Dhanterus is the first day of the five day Diwali festival.The word Dhan means wealth and therus means 13th day as per the Hindu calendar.So today ... Read More »

Prawn green roast

Prawn green roast became our favorite ever since we tasted it in a restaurant called Maya international. No one can beat them in that dish.And today,keeping that  taste in mind I experimented  and succeeded and reached some what  to the  same extent, I think I just reached close to  their signature  dish.It came out absolutely divine.This dish is spicy and green in color.I could sense the ... Read More »

Gajar ka halwa

Gajar ka halwa!yummmmmmmmmmm,that’s my first impression.Yes,a very simple Indian dessert prepared during festive season,but I don’t need any  reason to prepare  this delectable dessert only during occasions,for me anytime whenever I crave for it is a feast.And friends my blog looks incomplete without this beauty.I remember the time when I used to relish this sweety when my amma used to ... Read More »

Gnocchi with Alfredo sauce

Ciao(Hi)!…..Gnocchi !What in the world is that?Yes ,that was my first expression when I first came across the recipe in the recipe book.But the recipe seemed to be very pleasing and I thought to give it  a try soon,and soon added in my cooking wish list.And then last week when I was doing my monthly grocery  shopping I was surprised ... Read More »

Shahi dingri paneer

Dingri is a kind  of mushroom cultivated in Punjab from October to March.There are different kinds of mushrooms cultivated in India and dingri is one among them.Mushrooms have a lot of  medical benefits.Some of the mushrooms are not edible,so it is advised to consume certified mushrooms.At our place my kids like mushrooms in any form.The mushroom used in my recipe here is ... Read More »


Kalakand or Qalaqand is a milky burfee and a most popular sweet from Rajasthan as wiki says but I thought it was popular sweet from Bengal. In India,it is prepared during special occasions and with Diwali around the corner this is one of the best sweet to be relished.It is very easy to prepare and this tastes simply Yummy. Ingredients: Paneer or ... Read More »