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Masaledar soya biryani

This biryani has a  very strong flavor of the spices.The main ingredient of this biryani is Soya chunks which was also known as meal maker earlier.It is a great source of protein and it  also reduces the cholesterol level.It is totally pure vegetarian in nature.It is very chunky and tasty.We can prepare various preparations out of soya chunks. Recipe adapted from:Nita mehta Ingredients: Basmati ... Read More »

Amritsari machi

Amritsari machi!I simple drool while I hear the name itself. Amritsari machi is a  Punjabi preparation. Amritsari means a place called  Amritsar located in Punjab and machi means fish.I can live 365 days on fish.But I sacrifice only on Fridays.This dish is a spicy preparation and the masala is is simple tasty.So as in Punjabi way Balle balle ho jaye which means an expression of joy ... Read More »

Rosy phirni

Rosy phirni! Isn’t it interesting?I named it Rosy phirni because I prepared it with the rose flavor.My daughter Sanju suggested me that I use fancy names  to give more life to the dish.So I took her piece of advice and thus gave the name.I have already posted regular Phirni  recipe  in my earlier post.Well strawberry isn’t in  the season now so I had to compromise with this.But this ... Read More »

Butter garlic naan

Butter garlic naan is a soft  Indian bread  garnished with lots of chopped garlic and is infused with the garlic flavor.It is most often accompanied with the North Indian gravy.I prepared Butter Chicken and Tandoori murg with this  which is a very good combination.Traditionally it is baked in an Indian oven called as Tandoor. But it is  mostly found only in restaurants or in North India especially Punjabi homes. ... Read More »

Chocolate cup cake(Eggless)

Happy Eid  Friends!After a long long time I baked today.My daughter loves cakes and she keeps insisting me to bake one.When it comes to baking I prefer egg less bakes.Of course I love eggs in the curry or direct preparation forms. And I do bake eggie versions  for my family….Coming back to the recipe this cake is truly divine.I just love the aroma of the ... Read More »

Butter chicken

Butter chicken is famous dish of North India.We can adjust the flavor of this dish as we like,mild or spicy.It is best served with roti’s and naan.Butter chicken is best served with lot of Butter.We can also prepare this dish either with boneless or with bone as per our choice.The main ingredient of the gravy is tomatoes.Generally it is little bit sweetish in taste.But ... Read More »

Tandoori murg

Tandoori murg is a popular dish of Punjab.It is famous in Bangladesh,Pakistan and India.It is traditionally cooked in a clay oven called as Tandoor. There is  a history behind this dish which one can find in Wiki.My kids love this dish.Though not every household has a tandoor in their kitchen one has the alternatives to prepare this. Recipe adapted from Nita Mehta ... Read More »

Rawa Idli

Rawa idli is a South Indian breakfast dish made with fine semolina.It is a specialty of Karnataka.Rawa idli was my childhood favorite breakfast dish.We used to enjoy eating it with garam masala gravies.This recipe is of my sister in law Santoshi who cooks very good South Indian delicacies. Ingredients: Bombay rava(fine semolina of suji)- 1 1/2 cups Curds- 1/2 l ... Read More »

Masala Chaas

Masala chaas means buttermilk tempered with spices.Buttermilk is good for digestion and it is most often served after meal  in South Indian homes .It contains less fat. Serves-2 Ingredients: Buttermilk-2 cups salt -to taste  coriander leaves – to garnish(optional) Temper: Mustard seeds- little less than 1/4 tsp Curry leaves-1 sprig Long red chilly-1 Green chilly-1 chopped Garlic-1-2 Oil-1tsp Asafoetida- a ... Read More »

Paan Polo (Neer Dosa)

Paan polo or Neer dosa is a Mangalorean Delicacy.It is prepared in most of the households in Mangalore.In konkani it is called as Paan Polo.Paan means leaf and polo means dosa which means as light as a leaf.Neer dosa or water dosa is very soft and very light.It is normally served with grated coconut and jaggery mixture,Ravo (jaggery syrup) or ... Read More »