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The making of Pahadi palak chicken and phulka

Oh my!   THE MAKING OF PAHADI PALAK CHICKEN and PHULKA was a real adventure.My son was in full spirit and enthu and was helping around in the kitchen, making masalas, pastes,chopping etc. Bahadur our employee from the factory paid visit to our place to cook this special dish of his.His fingers just have magic and he turned this authentic dish so tasty.Since it was a sudden decision by my hubby S  to bring Bahadur at our place to cook his signature dishes,I had to shoot pics with my low battery camera.Yes,I hadn’t charged it since few days,but anyhow managed few shots.My god,I was truly  bowled  by the way he made those lovely soft phulkas. He had a unique way of rolling the phulkas.My daughter Sanju has shot the video,which I will try to upload soon.I felt I should write a separate post on the experience,though I’m not good at playing with words,I thought why not give it a try.
                        Looking forward for many dishes by B,to be cooked at our place.Our house was filled with  the aroma of all the spices and we were all salivating and waiting for the dish to be cooked fast.My daughter sat with my recipe book to jot down the recipe,my son helping Bahadur and me shooting pics and guiding about the ingredient places and  S was giving running commentary on how Bahadur entertains his co employees including the boss,himself .Bahadurs brother is a Chef in a very good restaurant in Mangalore.He had visited us few days back.Looking forward for his cooking too.
First let me introduce to you’ll to the great chef Bahadur.

Little chef  Pratham busy at work.He says please do not disturb me Amma.
A pose for Amma. I’m camera shy Amma.Only Amma likes to shoot pics.Now please finish fast.

Chapathi dough  ready to get rolled.

A little shaky picture on how B rolls chapathi.He doesn’t turn the chapathi like we do while rolling,he just turns the rolling pin and shapes the chapathi and gives a perfect round shape.At first I wondered what was he trying to do,but later was so impressed that I wanted take the  video.Talks very less ,proves with his culinary skills.

And look at this, perfectly rolled chapathi.

He used his bare  hand to fry the chapathi like most of the Northies do.

And here is the view of  perfect phulka without frying on the direct flame that too oil and ghee free.

One more view of phulkas

Pratham is ready with his plate to attackkkkkkkkkkkk.

A glimpse of Pahadi palak chicken

Please check the phulka video.

More pics will be loaded in the Pahadi palak chicken post.Until then Tata ,bye,Tc. 🙂

Will be updating Pics on the next planned visit of Bahadur.

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