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Batate ambuli gojju

Batate Ambuli gojju is again a Konkani dish. Batate means potato and Ambuli means ripe mango,gojju means both the ingredients which are smashed  together  especially  using the hands which adds extra taste.Ripe mangoes have already started to crop in our factory garden and almost daily we use it in our everyday cooking in some form.It is also used as a tangy ingredient instead of tamarind in our GSB cooking.Now almost throughout the year we get raw mangoes.This gojju is very easy to prepare.Same gojju may be prepared with tomatoes instead of raw mangoes.This dish is best relished with Paej,ganji or konji (gruel),very tangy in taste too.

Ripe mango pieces-1/4 cup
Asafoetida(hing)-a pinch
Green chilly minced-1
Salt-to taste
Coconut oil-2 tsp


  1. Boil potato and mango pieces together(You may also use the mango seed too).
  2. Once it cools smash it with your hand,add salt to taste,green chilly,hing and garnish with coconut oil.

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