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King of fruits, Mango is in season now and when we have a stock of Factory grown mangoes we can prepare varieties of delicacies.I prepared Aamras with few,Mango milkshake,Aaam ka panna with the raw mangoes,Mango milk candy etc.Preparing it in the house is so much of fun and healthy too.Aam means Mango and ras means Mango juice.The best combo with Aamras is puri.This time I prepared Tomato puri as a combination and it became a super hit.This is super easy to prepare.

Mangoes-4-5 ,ripe
Sugar-1/2 cup or as much as needed
Cardamom powder-1/4 tsp

  1. Wash,clean and peel the mangoes.
  2. Remove the pulp from the mangoes and add sugar.
  3. Blend it smoothly to a paste.
  4. Transfer it in a clean bowl,add cardamom powder and mix it.
  5. Refrigerate it until you use.
  6. Serve it with puri.
  7. Same pulp can be used to prepare milkshake or juice too.
  8. You may also substitute with jaggery instead of sugar.

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