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Ambya gojju

Ambya gojju is a famous dish of the GSB’s.I borrowed this recipe from my Mamama(maternal granny).The star of this dish is Mango.This is a sweet,tangy and spicy gojju and a very simple preparation. Mamama used to enjoy her main course only with this  gojju as she was a die hard Mango lover.Until her last breath she was in my Mama’s house which was only a few miles from our place and I used to visit whenever I wished and I still do.One fine day as usual when I visited mama’s house to meet my Mamama and family  I tasted this gojju which my mayi(aunty) had prepared and loved it so much that I prepared it at my place the same day.My hubby dear too loved it and now I prepare this dish specially for his sake.Thanks a lot Mamama for giving us treasured recipes.

Jaggery-2 tbsp approx or to taste
Green chilly-1,minced
Salt-a pinch


  1. Wash the mango and peel it.
  2. Use your hands and squeeze the mangoes well.(You may use a spatula or a knife)
  3. Add minced green chillies,salt and jaggery,use a spatula and mix it.
  4. I added the Mango seed in the gojju since we love to relish it in the gojju.
  5. You may also add water(1/4 cup approx) to the mango skin,squeeze and add it to the gojju.
  6. Relish it with the main course.

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