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Today is my Aayi’s(Paternal granny’s) Birthday and Amma thought of making Churmundo.Churmundo is a ladoo and making ladoos is an art.It  really needs practice to master it.My granny’s sister Geeth pachi(Mrs Geetha Shenoy) is an expert to make home made savories and she was at Amma’s place for few days on vacation.As usual during her visit, Amma planned  to make Churmundo yesterday as Geeth pachi makes the best churmundo and can say its a kind of tradition at Amma’s place and this time we had a reason too,Aayis bday….The quantity mentioned below can be adjusted as per your needs.Even I have played my hands on making churmundo and have succeeded though not perfect.Whenever there is excess home made clarified butter Amma prepares Churmundo.Best prepared with home made clarified butter….Once again I wish  Aayi Happy Birthday 🙂 .

Whole wheat flour-3 cups
Sugar powdered-2 cups
Ghee-2 1/2 cups approx


  1. Take a thick bottomed kadai add ghee,melt it add whole wheat flour and roast it in low flame until you get a nice aroma or until it browns.
  2. The roasting will take nearly one hour,keep stirring until then.
  3. Cool the mixture completely and mix the sugar powder and cardamom powder and remove any lumps if any.
  4. Take 1 tbsp of mixture or a fistful and compress it in your right hand palm tightly and make ladoos,releasing the excess mixture.
  5. Once the ladoos turns tight, shape it lightly with the help of your fingertips in a clockwise direction delicately.
  6. Keep the ladoos in an airtight container.
  7. The ladoos can be stored for a month at room temperature.

My notes:
Add more ghee if you find it  is difficult to form ladoos.
You may add less ghee and try to form ladoos if you feel ghee is more and add later little by little until you get the right texture.

Please take extra care while roasting the wheat flour so that it doesn’t get burnt.

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