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Sabudana laddoo,Sutha punnav,Raksha Bandhan and Shravan Special

Sabudana or tapioca pearls is often used in the making of sabudana kichdi,vada or a sweet dish called Dudhpak.I,for the first time came to know about this laddoo when my FB friend Rajni Kamath had posted it in a food group.The laddoos were so attractive that  I felt like grabbing it from the computer screen.The recipe is super easy too. Rajni says it is a popular laddoo in Mumbai.Though my folks are from Mumbai I wonder how I wasn’t aware of this awesome laddoo.I prepared 2 batches of this yummy laddoos with the home made ghee.

               Tomorrow is our festival called “Sutha punnav” and one more favourite day of mine Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi….”Sutha punnav” is a festival where  men and the boys of the house wear the sacred thread “jannuv”,visit the temple, dispose the old “jannuv” and wear a new one from the elder  male member of the family and take their blessings.Normally all these festivals falls in the month of Shravan,where ladies of the house pray to “Tulsi matha”,prepare special flower bunch known as “chudhi” and offer to Goddess Tulsi and pray for the family.Will try to add detailed information when possible….

                             It is  also said that it is auspicious to wear new clothes on this particular day. Suth or Sutha means thread as in Konkani. There are other rituals too……Normally for breakfast Shevai or string hoppers is prepared, a nice spread for the lunch with Vermicelli kheer as the dessert , as the elders of the family say that String hoppers and Vermicelli resembles like a thread…Happy Sutha punnav and Raksha Bandhan dear readers !

To know further information on our festivals refer : Here

Recipe courtesy:Mrs Rajni Kamath

Serves-12 laddoos

Sabudana-1 cup
Sugar-1/2 cup,finely powdered
Cardamom powder-1/2 tsp
Ghee-1/4 cup approx

  1. Roast the sabudana for 10 minutes until it turns crisp,see that it doesn’t turn brown.
  2. Cool it completely and powder it very finely.
  3. Mix sabudana powder,sugar powder and cardamom powder together.
  4. Add melted ghee little by little and form a mixture until you are able to form laddoos.
  5. Add more melted ghee if required.
  6. Procedure to make laddoos  is same as Churmundo.
  7. Make laddoos tightly,you may feel the laddoos might break,but don’t worry it will set after sometime.
  8. Store it in an airtight container.

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