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Chibbada Harshyale,Musk melon in coconut milk

Chibbada Harshyale is a popular sweet dish of the G.S.B’s.Chibbad means Muskmelon.There are different varieties of Muskmelon like Honeydew,Cantaloupe etc.You may prepare this dish with any of them.Best prepared with the soft varieties..Few days back we had a Swedish couple for dinner and I had prepared some Amchi delicacies like Bibbe Upkari,Ambe upkari and  I prepared this as the the sweet dish which they relished to the core.This was suggested by my Amma that I should introduce them with our traditional food and it became a super duper hit.I thank my Amma for all the support.There are different variations of the recipe and today I’m posting a simple version which is prepared with Jaggery.I adapted this recipe from my Amma.To know the taste you have to try it.Today is Mahashivaratri ,a festival celebrated all over India.I wish all my readers who are celebrating this festival ‘Happy Shivaratri!

Musk melon -1 medium sized(3 cups chopped approx)
Coconut milk-3 cups,thick extract
Jaggery-3/4 cup or to taste
Cardamom powder-1/4 tsp


  1. Mix all the ingredients to together.
  2. Chill and serve.
  3. You may also garnish this with beaten rice before serving .

My notes:
  • If the musk melon is not very ripe blend it coarsely in the blender.
  • If it is soft and ripe chop it into medium sized chunks.
  • Refrigerate it immediately.
  • For how to extract coconut milk refer here.

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  1. Chibbada Harshyale is very new to me and looks absolutely yumm..

  2. Never have had Musk melon in kheer, though I have heard about it a lot on fellow bloggers pages,… am sure that must taste delicious 🙂

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