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How to weave/make Khotto ? A small pictorial with the method

If I didn’t post ‘the making of Khotto’ my future post on ‘Khotto’ would have been incomplete….That is the reason I’m posting this small pictorial and method on ‘the making of Khotto’.Khotto is a popular breakfast of the G.S.B’s and few Mangaloreans.
                                    In my Amma’s house my Aayi (paternal granny) prepares / weaves Khotto in a jiffy.It is specially prepared with the jackfruit leaves,shaped like a basket and idli batter is filled and steamed.The aroma is simply good.Though I have learnt to prepare/weave ‘Khotto’ aayi prepares and gives me everytime.Last time I had posted step by step pictures of pathrado where Aayi was showing the steps and this time it is Aayi again in ‘the making of Khotto’.She is really an expert in most of the things be it in garland making to the cooking….Hope this pictorial and method helps you all a little bit.


  1. We need 4 equal sized leaves to prepare one Khotto.
  2. Place 2 equal sized jackfruit leaves as shown in the 3rd picture.
  3. Pin it together with sharp piece of broomstick as shown in the 4th picture.
  4. Place the 3rd leaf as shown in the 5th picture.
  5. Place the 4th leaf as shown in the 6th picture.
  6. Pin all the 4 leaves together as shown in the 7th picture.
  7. Normally we place all the 4 leaves together and pin it.
  8. This will form the base.
  9. Now overlap the edges as shown in the 9th picture.
  10. Repeat this procedure with the remaining 3 sides.
  11. Follow the pictures for the steps.
  12. Once done you can cut off the 3 stems.
  13. We retain only 1 stem to remove the hot khotto’s from the steamer.
  14. Khotto’s are ready.

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  1. beautiful khotto . eagerly waiting for your next post

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