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Vali Ambat(Indian spinach curry)

Vali ambat is a famous dish of the G.S.b Konkani’s.This Indian spinach grows as a vine.It is most commonly known by the names Vali as in Konkani,Basale as in Kannada and Malabar spinach.It grows upto 8-10 metres long.It is sold in bundle like a wreath.In Mangalore we get fresh Spinach who grow it locally.At Amma’s house they used to grow this leafy vegetable by preparing a trellis to support the plant to climb with the help of the  Bamboo poles which is called as Mantap…It easily grows if we plant the stem.Vali has lot of Nutritive values too.The most common preparation with this is Vali Ambat where we give seasoning with onion or mustard seeds.We can also add raw papaya(cooked) as a combination or even dry prawns tastes excellent.

Vali(Indian spinach)-3 cups of leaves and 1 cup of stem,chopped
Tur dal-1/4 cup,cooked
Salt -to taste
Jaggery-a pinch
Onion-1 chopped finely
Onion-1,chopped finely to season
Oil-3 tsp

Ingredients for the masala:
Coconut-1 1/2 cups
Short red chillies-3(roasted in a tsp of oil)
Long red chillies-3(roasted in a tsp of oil)
Tamarind- marble sized


  1. Cook the spinach in the cooker for 1 whistle in a cooker adding a cup of water.
  2. Add salt, jaggery,chopped onion to the cooked spinach, take a boil and keep it aside.
  3. For the masala procedure refer- here
  4. Add the masala to the cooked spinach,add cooked tur dal and take a boil.
  5. Heat oil in a tadka pan and fry the onions until reddish brown in colour.
  6. Season it to the curry and close the lid immediately.
  7. You may also season the curry with mustard seeds(1 tsp) and curry leaves(few) instead of onion.
  8. Serve it hot with rice.

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