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About  Myself and the blog:

                                                    Hi and thanks for stopping by 🙂 .  My name is Saigeetha.S.Pai .I was born and brought up in Mangalore and presently I reside in Mangalore,Karnataka, with my husband and kids..I’m a mother of two,elder one is Sanjana and  my younger one is  Pratham .I’m very new to the Blogging world,an absolute novice.This is my very first food blog.I will try to post the recipe’s in the space whenever possible.To design this blog I have taken lot of pain by spending lot of time, surfing  the internet  and gathering information.I have visited a number of food blogs to study about the blog and I’m still learning to customize the blog, experimenting and researching.So friends I need your support to do my best.

                   Cooking is my first love.I started exploring the kitchen at the age of eleven.I’m a foodie and I like to taste food of different continents.I enjoy watching cookery shows.My family is my best critic.In this blog  GEETHS DAWATH I will entertain you’ll with both vegetarian and non-Vegetarian dishes.I love seafood  so you all will get  to see different varieties on seafood preparations.I don’t prefer to eat chicken much but I enjoying cooking different recipes based  on the same.Not to forget to mention you’ll will also witness Mangalorean food.I will post only tested,tried and successful recipes that is full-proof recipe.A very warm welcome to one and all to GEETHS DAWATH, a multicuisine kitchen.

Most favorite thing:

Trying out new dishes and watching the expression  on my loved ones faces.Of course I fly  on cloud nine when people appreciate my cooking .I love to experiment different cuisine and I also  make it a point to try it out till it turns perfect.

My better half:

My husband Sanjay has been a great support to me.He loves our traditional Konkani (GSB)food.So I will also post G.S.B recipes  in this blog gradually.

My Hobby: 

I love collecting recipe books.My latest hobby is posting food posts in the Facebook food groups.Konkani Amchi Food was  my first platform where I got the exposure to show my culinary skills.I want to thank my FB friends and the group admins since I have learn’t a lot from these groups.I have a huge collection of handwritten recipes too.I also like to collect Kitchen gadgets,crockeries etc.

Thanks giving:

Firstly, I want to thank my Mom for what I am today.Most of the Konkani recipes I  learn’t from my mother and she is  my pillar of strength and success.The recipes in this blog are adapted from my family, Facebook food groups,internet,recipe books, etc.Thank you one and all!!!!

Baking :

I’m still exploring  the  baking world.My friend Lakshmi Kudua is an excellent baker .She guides me with few baking tips.I have succeeded in most of the baking recipes recently and have become pretty confident.I still remember my mother used to bake nankatai and macaroons in our traditional oven.I used to experiment sponge cakes and would be disappointed with the result ,but my mom used to encourage  me with  her positive words.She has been my true inspiration.

My Mantra:

Everyday is a learning process.

My Favorite blogs:

This is an endless list.To name a few,  I like blogs of  Niya Prakash’s Niyas World,Divya Kudua’s Easycooking,The chef and her kitchen,Sharmis passions,Ria’s collections,Raks kitchen, Dassana Amith’s The veg recipes of India etc.


All the pictures in this blog are shot by me .I use Nikon Cool pix L310. I’m still experimenting in this art.Would want  to own a DSLR some day.

Few reference for your knowledge:

I will be referring my Mom as Amma,Maternal Grandmother as Mamama,Paternal Grandmother as Aayi,My sister in law(brother’s wife) by her name Santoshi,my husband Sanjay or S,My doll Sanjana(daughter) as Sanju,Sunny boy Pratham as Praths etc…

Please! Please! Please! don’t copy my recipes and pictures.I have put a  lot of efforts to create this blog.  From compiling to  editing the recipe,photography is a big job.Please inbox or mail me in case you’ll want  any recipes .In case you’ll want to add the tested recipe’s  from my blog to your blog , I would appreciate that you’ll add my link with it.Kindly request before using.Please feel free to comment if you’ll find my blog and any recipes interesting.

Contact Me:

Any queries u can contact me @saigeethapai@gmail.com.

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  1. Your page is great Geetha. Proud of you dear Niece. All the best

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