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Plum cake

Hello dear readers!  Belated Merry Christmas and an advanced Happy New Year! This year I baked a cake with the fruits soaked in rum for more than year. I had soaked the fruits in Rum in October 2016  and this is the first time I soaked for such a long time. I did not want to risk trying a new ... Read More »

Hot milk sponge cake

I baked this tea cake recently which I had saved the recipe from  a baking forum. At times I randomly save the inviting recipes and then get hesitated to give it a try in case it doesn’t work  for me. But this recipe worked perfect. Everyone at my place liked it. I had shared the recipe with my friend Sandhya ... Read More »

Eggless fruit Cake

Happy 2017 dear readers ! What better way to start the year with a sweet post. There are so many recipes of fruit cake and I love to try new recipes. A new year is incomplete without bakes. This Christmas / New year I tried the eggless version of fruit cake from Divine taste blog. I love to try Anushruti’s recipes ... Read More »

Eggless banana wheat bread

As promised I’m sharing my first baked recipe for this Christmas . I have prepared this bread which tastes like a cake several times. Yes, you heard it right. This tastes more like a cake to me than a bread. This is one of the easiest bake and can be served with the breakfast too. Whenever there is surplus over ... Read More »

Chocolate fruit cake

This is one post which got delayed tremendously as I had to share inter recipes like soaking of the fruits and the procedure of caramel syrup. I followed the  recipe exactly from the baking group ‘fondbites bake along’ and this is bakealong recipe #55. I also followed the same measurement as per the recipe as I had baked during Christmas time and ... Read More »

Eggless butterscotch cake

Butterscotch is one of our favourite flavour in the cake and an eggless bake makes it complete. I had tried this recipe sometime back .The cake tasted very good with the crunch of butterscotch chips and was soft in texture though a little bit sticky due to butterscotch chips I guess. Nevertheless I could slice it beautifully. For conversion of ... Read More »

Boiled fruit cake , Christmas special

Christmas is incomplete without the preparation of plum cake or fruit cake . This fruit cake is called boiled fruit cake since the fruits are not soaked but boiled . Amma shares her birthday on this lovely month and she loves fruit cake . So I got an opportunity to bake this cake on her birthday and everyone loved it . ... Read More »

Eggless honey cake ,Christmas special

December is a Christmas month and one of my favourite too . And only thing that comes in my mind is  just bakes . I will try to share baked goodies in the space whenever possible . Today I’m going to share an interesting recipe of eggless honey cake . Just folllow the recipe blindly for great results . I shared this cake ... Read More »

Eggless Chocolate walnut cake ,Welcome 2015 !

Happy New Year dear readers ! Bye Bye 2014 and Welcome 2015 ! Let us all start this year with a new beginning . And since I wanted my first post of the year to be a cake, I will be sharing a recipe of an eggless cake today. I had baked this cake for my Amma’s birthday last December ... Read More »