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Devasthana Saru 2

This is the second recipe of Devasthana Saru i.e temple rasam. I prepared this on Gowri puja and this time I tried the recipe from Nandini Akka’s blog. Temple rasam has a special aroma and the taste is too good. Nandini akka says in temples they don’t add hing for Naivedya saru( when they offer to God), but they add ... Read More »

Beetroom Rasam

This recipe of Beetroom rasam was passed to me by my twin sister Durga Nayak . I was so tempted to try the recipe when she shared me the picture that I tried it to the earliest . It tasted equally good . It was worth the try. Best part is I also liked the colour of the rasam. Beetroot ... Read More »

Naidus Sar

South Indians love Sar or Saru /Rasam . Each South Indian state have their own specialty . This  is a kind of Indian soup . I love to relish it hot in a glass . This is one of the aromatic saru and I’ve been fortunate to relish it since childhood . Now let me tell you ‘ll why the name ‘Naidus Saru ‘ . ... Read More »

Karbeva saru,Curry leaves soup

As promised I’m going to focus more on Konkani cuisine this year and will try to post as much as I can.This is an authentic saru prepared in most of the Amchi homes. My sister Shan prepares this often and is the most favourite saru of my daughter.This saru goes best with rice and papad. I adapted this recipe from ... Read More »

Pineapple Rasam

I learnt this Rasam 2 years back from my facebook friend Madhukantha Kamath.Today while I was browsing my old albums I found this  and thought of sharing the recipe of this aromatic rasam. I remember I had tried this tempting rasam the minute I  saw Madhus post and it was a super hit at our place.Generally rasam is prepared with tomatoes but ... Read More »

Devasthana Saaru(Temple soup)

Devasthana Saaru means saaru(soup) which is  served in the temple which is authentic,aromatic and heaven.The aroma is strongly catchy that will awaken all your senses.Traditionally it is served with white rice on a plantain leaf. Devasathana means temple and Saaru is a kind of soup.The best combination with the saaru is white rice,papad,pickle,curds and buttermilk,sounds simple but yet tasty.You may also relish the ... Read More »