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Japanese vegetable tempura

This recipe is of Chef Ajay Chopra which I had noted down from a cookery channel. It looked so good I tried it the very next day. It came out crisp and perfect in texture. And one more plus point is, this recipe is eggless. You may use any vegetable of your choice like cauliflower,pumpkin buds or even paneer. Recipe ... Read More »

Pesto Chapathi Quesadilla

This is an Italian snack  with Indian twist , Indian Quesadilla to be precise. Whenever there are leftover chapathi’s we can make this snack. I tasted this at Amma’s place when Santoshi had made for  evening snack. It tasted so good even I tried it at home. This is again a long due post .. I have many pictures in ... Read More »

Baked Nachos

This is one of the easiest and tastiest recipe I ever baked . Baking is my passion and I never get tired of it nor learning new baked dishes . I first tasted this dish 5 years back during my visit to Canada  . This is a Mexican dish and Mexican cuisine are very interesting  . I have already tried guacamole which ... Read More »

Mixed vegetables in creamy sauce

Sometime back when I had been to Ammas place for lunch Santoshi had prepared this dish as a combination with fried rice and it tasted simply fantastic.I borrowed the recipe and tips from her and prepared the same at my place and thought of sharing in the space.Bland food lovers will definitely love this dish.Please do try those who are ... Read More »

Eggless Vanilla pancake

Pancakes are my kid’s one of the favourite dish.And this recipe is eggless too.This can be prepared in a jiffy and makes a great evening snack when children come back from school with their hungry tummies.Pancake is an international version of dosa.This year I could not bake a cake nor post anything special on the New year eve,but I promise ... Read More »

Flour tortillas

Flour tortillas are the Mexican unleavened flat bread.It is usually used to prepare Quesadillas.I have already posted Veg quesadilla recipe recently which was my 100th post .Flour tortillas are most famous in USA in the preparation for burritos.Tortilla is a Spanish name which means small cake.For me it is the  Indian version of roti or chapati. The stuffing can be either veg ... Read More »

Vegetable quesadilla(100th post)

100…. century..…Yes, this is my 100th post.I’m very happy that I have reached to this number within one and a half month…….I first tasted quesadilla in Canada, introduced by my sister.In India I got to taste it again when pizza hut introduced it.But on popular demand I had to finally hunt for the recipe and satisfy the craving of my ... Read More »