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Varai Idli

Varai Idli is prepared in most of the G.S.B household during festivities especially during Ganesh Chaturthi or any other religious days. I first tasted this Idli as kid in my Mamama’s house. Now my aunt has inherited her style of cooking and has preserved some of her traditional recipe’s . I borrowed this recipe from my aunt which is my ... Read More »

Instant poha Idli

I have prepared this idli number of times that I have lost the count. I had thought I had already shared the recipe in the space. I realized it recently when I put the recipe in search and could not find it. And finally found the pictures in the folder and I thought of sharing this jhatpat recipe as soon ... Read More »

Ponsa Idli / Jackfruit idli /Ponsa Muddo

Ponsa idli or jackfruit idli is a sweet idli prepared often during summer and monsoon  during the jackfruit season . Though it contains loads of calories , Amma says all seasonal fruits and vegetables must be consumed atleast in small quantities as it has its own benefits  . Amma prepares the jackfruit conserve with jaggery and stores it throughout the year ... Read More »

Kulitha Idli /Kultha ramdan

This is a popular G.S.B breakfast  and is commonly prepared in most of the G.S.B household.My Mamama  used to prepare this on  most of the Sunday’s and would make it a point to give some to me and Amma.And the same tradition is continued by my aunt even now and she too has the same magic in her hands just ... Read More »

Khotto with stepwise pictures

I had posted ‘how to weave Khotto’ recently.But due to some technical issue I could not post this post immediately.Khotto is nothing but idli ‘s steamed in the jackfruit cups.The flavour of the jackfruit  leaves is infused in the steamed dumpling.Khotto is a popular and authentic dish of the  G.S.B’s.It is often prepared during some festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi,,Ugadi etc…The batter ... Read More »

Bullet Idli /Baby idli

Bullet Idli is a popular dish of South India.It is nothing but mini idli or baby idli.It is also known  as Button idli.We get a separate idli stand with small depressions  to prepare these idli’s .I had bought this stand from Kerala when we had gone to Munnar trip many years back but you may find it in any store . Whenever ... Read More »

Cucumber idli / Thoushe Muddo

Cucumber idli/ Thoushe Muddo is again a popular dish of G.S.B’s.Traditionally it is prepared in turmeric leaves.G.S.B ladies who perform Gowri pooja (coconut pooja) often use the cucumber which was used in pooja to prepare this idli  or muddo in turmeric leaves as turmeric leaves are also available during that season in abundance.We had lot of turmeric leaves in our ... Read More »

Pumpkin idli/Muddo

I never knew we could prepare pumpkin muddo/idli until few days back until recently I saw many members posting it in food groups.Two days back this particular recipe fell into my eyes when Jayashri Baleri posted it in a food group and I was tempted to try it to the earliest.Yesterday I tried it and it was liked by all ... Read More »

Instant Oats idli

I had  never ever thought I would be cooking oats idli someday,had not even thought of having oats alone.Now due to its health benefits I’m a big fan of Oats.This idli is a healthier version over our regular idli’s.The idli’s came out very spongy and tasty.As usual Santoshi tempted me to prepare this idli.I had bookmarked many recipes earlier but hadn’t  attempted ... Read More »

Rulava Idli

Rulava idli is a idli prepared with Bombay Rawa.This is a popular G.S.B dish prepared during fasting.This idli is very soft and goes well with chutney. My Amma steams the Bombay rawa in the steamer instead of roasting it so does my F.b friend Vinatha Padma Shenoy who says idlis turn soft due to this method.You may follow any method. I ... Read More »