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Avacado Milkshake

Summer has already hit Mangalore and it is super hot and humid. Though it is slightly drizzling since 2 days it is too hot inside the house. I always love super cold weather over hot climate. It is very important to drink lot of fluids now on to keep ourselves hydrated. And to make it more interesting have fruit juices ... Read More »

Custard apple milkshake

This season we get best custard apple here and to make the best use of it we make milkshake with it. Though you may relish in the juice bars nothing like home made ones. This is very simple to prepare just like other milkshakes. Ingredients: Custard apple – 2 Milk – 2 cups Sugar – to taste Ice cubes – ... Read More »

Strawberry Milkshake

Strawberries are favourite of almost everybody.They contain valuable sources of antioxidants.I often prepare this milkshake for the family during the strawberry season.Today is International Women’s Day and I wanted to post something sweet and which brings smile on everybody’s face and I thought this is the right post.This milkshake is a easypeasy recipe and can be prepared with any seasonal fruits…I had ... Read More »

Badam carrot milk

My all time concern is how to make my kids drink milk since they do not like milk in direct form.So milkshake is the best solution.This time I prepared Badam carrot milk since it is the best combo.Badam means almonds.I found this recipe in Divya’s blog which is one of my favourite blog.I can say the very first food blog ... Read More »

Carrot Milkshake

Carrot milkshake is a very healthy milkshake and is a favorite milkshake at our place.Everyone enjoys this milkshake thoroughly at our place.Carrot is a very healthy vegetable and is very good for eyes,rich in Vitamin A and it helps to get a glowing skin.It also prevents Cancer.I found some fresh carrots yesterday when I went for my fruit and veg shopping and ... Read More »