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Traditions and Customs

Diwali,a small piece of information

As usual yesterday we got the monthly bulletin from ‘Eden Club’ and I found a small piece of information on Diwali.Immediately I thought of sharing it in the space.Giving credit to the club committee members of the ‘Eden Club’ , Mangalore, I’m sharing the information  here .There may be other information related to the same and some rituals may differ ... Read More »

Yugadi,A small piece of information

I adapted this piece of information from the book,Traditions and customs(Reethi Rivaaz) by Smt Rama Bai. Most of us,GSB’s, own this book and we refer it as and when needed.My Amma had given me this book after my marriage.Though  we do not  follow this exactly this is how it is.I give full credit to the author of this book especially I’m a ... Read More »