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Katharine Hepburn’s Brownies

Hello dear readers! Its been a long time since I shared any cake / brownie recipe. So today I will share a fantastic brownie recipe which I had tried sometime back. I came across the recipe in Divya’s blog and seen it in her insta feeds several times and I was tempted to try it. It came out perfect and ... Read More »

SoNo Brownies

After a long gap I baked brownies on my sons demand .Christmas is almost nearing and I’m in a baking mood.So many goodies to be tried qued in the list.Wait and watch one by one.I’ll try my best to give simple and best recipes . Brownies are best relished  with Vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce if you like it chocolaty.Recipe adapted from :Easycooking Ingredients:Flour-1/2 cupCocoa ... Read More »

Oreo brownies(Eggless)

Today is the  4th month birthday of my blog and I wish Happy bday baby!So I baked an Oreo brownie to make the day memorable.If you love dark chocolates,you will definitely love this brownie.Most of the kids  or elders crave for chocolates and love Oreo biscuits and they gonna love this brownie for sure.This brownie is very simple to bake too.I ... Read More »

Eggless chocolate brownies

Chocolate ,chocolate, chocolate!Its chocolaty atmosphere at my place.My daughter and myself can live just  on chocolates.I just love eggless chocolate bakes.I baked this brownie yesterday on Sanjus demand.I had prepared one more version from one blog,but this came out  better than that.My baker buddy Lakshmi says Brownies are cut into squares,but I didn’t find have a square tin, of course I could have cut it into squares,next time will ... Read More »