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Kitchen tips

Tips on cooking

Source:Internet To make 1 cup of dal, add atleast 2-3 cups of water, depending on the type of dal. Soak whole pulses overnight and other dals for one hour before cooking. Always add hot water to the gravy to enhance the taste. Add 1 Tbsp of hot oil to the dough for making Kachories or Kulchas. Always use heavy bottomed ... Read More »

Tips on gravies

Source :Internet Always use ghee  with or instead of oil, which gives a good flavour to the gravy. If oil alone is used, it does not get separated easily from the ground mixture, as ghee separates from it. Fry the ground masala in reduced flame, so that it retains its colour and taste. Little plain sugar or caramelised sugar added ... Read More »

Tips on frying

 Source:Internet I found these tips useful so thought so sharing it. Heat the oil thoroughly before adding seasonings or vegetables. Fry the seasonings until they change color, to get full flavour of seasonings. If masala sticks to the pan that shows quantity of fat included is not enough. Add some hot oil and 1/2 tsp of baking soda in batter while ... Read More »

Tips on cutting

Source:Internet Tips On Cutting & Peeling : Tips On Cutting & Peeling : Wash vegetables before peeling or cutting to preserve the water soluble vitamins. Peel vegetables as thinly as possible to preserve the minerals and vitamins. Soak potatoes and eggplant after cutting, to avoid discoloration. If you boil vegetables in water, do not throw the water, keep it to ... Read More »