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Chutneys and dips

Losoni Chutney pitti , Dried version of garlic chutney

Hello dear readers!  Today I will share an interesting recipe which we prepare  often and store it . This is garlic flavoured chutney powder. We may also prepare it with curry leaves. Whenever there is excess grated coconut I make this chutney powder.  I learn’t this recipe from my Amma. Ganesh Chaturthi has almost come to an end  and my ... Read More »

Groundnut chutney

I have already posted the recipe of groundnut chutney along with the pundi recipe but I thought of making a separate post of the same. This chutney compliments well with Pundi and dosas. Stay tuned for more interesting recipes ! Ingredients: Roasted skinless groundnut – 1 cup Long red chilly – 2-3 Tamarind – pinch Garlic – 5 cloves Onion ... Read More »

Tomato Chutney

I prepared this chutney as a combination with the poha dosa.Whenever there is excess tomatoes this chutney can be prepared and stored in a refrigerator.I used it for 2-3 days.Since the ingredients are cooked and blended this chutney stays little long.You may also use it as a sandwich spread if you like tangy taste.Recipe adapted from  : Niyas World Ingredients:Tomatoes- ... Read More »

Green chutney

I have already posted this in my Burma toast post.But I would like to post it as a separate post too.This chutney makes a great dip with the starters, can be used in sandwiches,Dhokla dip etc.I borrowed this recipe from Aparna Kamath as it looked very appealing in her Burma toast post.Once again thank you Aparna. Recipe courtesy :Aparna KamathIngredients:Coriander ... Read More »

Eppani chutney

Eppani leaves is a medicinal herb which has  many health benefits.It is popularly known as “Brahmi”.Consuming one leaf of Brahmi daily morning on empty stomach is a good memory booster.If added to the oil and applied to the hair it is a good supplement for the hair growth.Amma used to prepare the oil for us when we were kids…The common dish prepared ... Read More »

Red chutney

This chutney is prepared as a combination with dosa and idli.Goes best with Musti polo/Fist dosa.The main ingredient in this chutney is coriander seeds which lifts the taste. Ingredients to be ground:Coconut-1 cup,gratedRoasted long red chillies-3(roast the chillies in a tsp of oil until crisp)Tamarind – a pinchCoriander seeds-2 tspSalt- to tasteTo season:Coconut oil-1 tspCurry leaves-2 sprigsMethod: Grind the ingredients ... Read More »

Hinga chutney,Asafoetida flavored coconut chutney

This is a asafoetida flavored coconut chutney and is served with idli or dosa. The aroma and flavour of hing is simply catchy.One need to prepare this in large quantity while preparing mudo or idli as it is dipped, mashed and mixed well in the chutney and relished.I learnt this recipe from my Amma and is one of my favourite chutney. Ingredients:Coconut-1 1/2 cups,gratedTamarind-pinchTo ... Read More »

Moutabal,A Lebanese dip

I first tasted this dip during my UAE trip last month at my cousins place.This is a Lebanese dip and a very famous Mediterranean dish.I have also tasted Baba ganoush and don’t know exactly the difference between the two.Some say it is same and some not.I have also read in the net that Moutabal is the spicier version over Baba ganoush.Only difference ... Read More »

Ambuli chutney 2(Raw mango chutney)

Few days back I had posted the recipe on Ambuli chutney,but that was with red chillies.This recipe is with green chillies.Both are equally good tastewise.This is a very easy peasy recipe and is the right time to prepare when raw mangoes are in season.This chutney goes well with the main course or even with the dosa.I like to have it ... Read More »

Chutney with ginger

Few days back I had posted Chutney with coriander leaves,this is one more version with ginger flavour.This can be served with dosa,buns,idli etc.I adapted this recipe from my Amma.Please note down the recipe. Ingredients to be ground:Coconut-1 cup,gratedGreen chilly-1Ginger-1/2 “Tamarind-a small pinchSalt- to taste Ingredients to season:Coconut oil-1 tspMustard seeds-1/s tspCurry leaves- 7-8 leavesAsafoetida-a pinch Method: Grind all the ingredients ... Read More »