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Eggless Caramel Custard / Caramel flavoured steamed yogurt

Hello dear readers ! After all those traditional dishes lets take a sweet break . Today I will share the recipe of eggless caramel custard . The recipe is same as my mango pudding but adding caramel makes it caramel custard. This recipe of Sarita Bhat had gone viral a year back.  I would name this dish as caramel steamed yogurt ... Read More »

Bread Halwa

Hello dear readers ! Yesterday was ‘Womans Day ‘ and I took some time to make Bread halwa. Yes, you ‘ll heard it right. It is Bread Halwa which is prepared from Bread. I had first seen this recipe in my friend Aparna Kamath’s blog some years back and had decided to try it sometime. Recently I saw many bloggers try ... Read More »

Caramel Custard

This one particular beautiful dessert which is liked by most of them and disliked by me is one which I hadn’t attempted to try until few days back  as I don’t like eggy desserts where as for cakes its an exception. As I have shared with you’ ll earlier though I eat eggs , like I love egg curry and various egg ... Read More »

Banoffee pie

I had come across this dish many a times in the cooking shows and had also tasted this long back. Recently my friend Shree posted this dish in our school group and it looked so drooling I had to give it a try . She was generous enough to share the recipe with us and I gave it a try ... Read More »

Eggless fruit tarts

Tarts!doesn’t it sound interesting?I love to prepare eggless desserts over eggie ones.I had bought tart moulds long long back and I had forgotten I was owning it.I came across this recipe in one of my favourite blog Divine taste and I tried it many days back.The result was amazingly good.The procedure looks lengthy but it is very easy to prepare.You ... Read More »

Eggless mango Pannacotta

I’m back after a short break.Had been on vacation to Gods own country where I had fantastic time with family with good food ofcourse.I had prepared this dessert sometime back and thought of making the start after the break with the sweet dish.Pannacotta is an Italian dessert. Pannacotta means ‘cooked cream'( info via veg recipes of India).I have already posted Vanilla Pannacotta ... Read More »

Eggless Caramel Bread pudding

Few days back it was my Birthday and I was searching for a good dessert recipe and I had shortlisted  this recipe from Rak’s Kitchen which seemed very inviting and easy plus it was eggless.I tried last week successfully.Most important point to remember in this recipe is the setting part of the dessert.First time when I tried this pudding I ... Read More »

Mango Sagoo pudding

Yesterday was my Birthday.And any good occasions are incomplete without the preparation of sweet dish..This time I chose Mango Sagoo,a finger licking dessert which I had bookmarked a year back…This dish is prepared with Mango and tapioca pearls /Sagoo.Since Sagoo and Mango are my favourite I personally  loved the dish very much…The below measurement of the recipe serves 4 but ... Read More »

Sweet Mango pudding,Holi special

Summer season  has already hit the coastal side and the heat is too humid.Best thing about the season are the Mangoes and they have already started to pool in the market.My Papa has a  very good  choice and he choses the best Mangoes from the market  and me, staying opposite my parent’s place is the best advantage…       ... Read More »

Sheera,celebrating 500th post

This is the 500th post  and Geeths Dawath is one year and four months old.And to celebrate the occasion I prepared Sheera as all good occasions are always celebrated by preparing something sweet.Sheera has a great connection in my life.This was the first sweet dish my husband had brought at Amma’s house when we were seeing each other, garnished with ... Read More »