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Mushroom Spaghetti

Posting pasta recipe after a long time in the space.I had prepared this sometime back.I love pasta and so does my kids.This is a very simple preparation and it tasted really great.This makes a great tiffin recipe for the kids.I added lots of garlic and the flavour was simply fantastic. Recipe adapted from : Justindianfood Ingredients: Spaghetti – 150 gms Mushroom ... Read More »

Baked pasta muffins

Muffins are favourite of almost everyone.Chocochip muffins,Vanilla muffins but have you ever heard of Baked pasta muffins?Well,for me it was very new.When my kids told me that they tasted Baked pasta muffins in my parents place prepared by Santoshi I asked them to repeat the name.I really appreciate Santoshi for hunting innovative and tasty recipes….And when my kids insisted me ... Read More »

Cheesy spinach lasagna

Vegetable lasagna has been one of our favorite pasta. In Mangalore, we get the best lasagna in Diesel cafe. So keeping that taste in mind I created this recipe today by referring few recipe books. And believe me it was fingerlicking good filled with the goodness of cheese. Our house was surrounded with the aroma of cheese and the dish tasted just ... Read More »

Babycorn schezwan sizzler Italiano

Sizzlers are my  favorite.I first tasted Sizzlers at the  Moti Mahal restaurant,Mangalore, when  they used to have their sizzler festival every year.I was exposed to different varieties of food by my husband. So I’m very thankful to my  hubby dear,even though he prefers only Amchi food,he takes us out and treats us . Of course my Papa also  used to take us to restaurants but only ... Read More »

Gnocchi with Alfredo sauce

Ciao(Hi)!…..Gnocchi !What in the world is that?Yes ,that was my first expression when I first came across the recipe in the recipe book.But the recipe seemed to be very pleasing and I thought to give it  a try soon,and soon added in my cooking wish list.And then last week when I was doing my monthly grocery  shopping I was surprised ... Read More »