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Mutta roast / Kerala egg roast

Hello dear readers! Today I will share an egg recipe. I love to try different egg recipe’s . This time I tried a new recipe from Veenas curry world. It reminded me of Appams and mutta roast  which we had during our Kerala visit.The link was shared by Santoshi Nayak. Ingredients: Egg – 6, boiled Onion – 4, sliced Ginger-one ... Read More »

Egg Bhurji

Hello dear readers! Today I was  browsing the blog casually and found that I have missed adding many recipes. One among them was Egg bhurji. Egg bhurji was a childhood favourite and I would make it often. It takes me back to my childhood days where Arun Maam(my paternal uncle) would take me to have it in “Bhandary maams angadi” ... Read More »

Poached egg curry

Whenever I make Amma’s Motte Randai and there is gravy leftover I make this dish. This dish is a real savior. Amma’s late elder sister,my aunt whom we kids  called  ‘Maav’ taught us to make this dish. She was such a wonderful cook. She was the one who taught  us to eat chicken. I have shared some of her recipes ... Read More »

Bunt Bomb / Egg Roast

This is an easy peasy recipe you can make anytime. There are days I feel lazy to cook and this was on one such day I tried this recipe which I had noted from Shilpa Shetty’s video. All liked it at our place. Not to forget to mention my sister Durga also prepares an egg dish similarly. I had tasted ... Read More »

Kolhapuri Egg curry

I had prepared this curry last year and the pictures were lying in the folder as usual . Kolhapur is a place in Maharashtra and this dish must be a popular dish out there . I had posted Kolhapuri chicken sometime back . I was inspired to prepare this dish from my f.b friend Sandhya Kamath  . This curry goes ... Read More »

Saoji Maharastrian Egg Curry

I adapted this recipe from VahreVah.com.I was tempted to prepare this dish at the very first sight of it.This is a Maharastrian style egg curry.I slightly modified the recipe as per our taste.This curry goes well with rice,ghee rice or roti. Ingredients: Egg- 8,boiled Ginger garlic paste- 1 tsp Onion-1,chopped Coconut powder-1 tbsp (I used 1 can of coconut milk) ... Read More »

Burma Toast

Yesterday evening when I logged in to browse for some interesting Breakfast recipes for next day’s today’s breakfast this toast was very eye catchy.My friend Aparna Kamath had posted this and I heard her explaining about this dish many times before.Her step by step pictures helped me a lot in understanding the procedure.It was so irresistible that I  prepared it immediately for dinner ... Read More »

Chatpata egg pakoda

I had bookmarked this recipe last year and prepared it today for kids evening snack.I was motivated to prepare this today as the theme in the foodgroup  KAF is Egg or Anda.Egg is rich in protein and intake of egg in your daily diet is very good.Vegetarians may prepare this using onions,babycorn,mushroom,capsicum, paneer or even prepare mixed vegetable pakoda platter.I ... Read More »

Egg tawa roast

Hello dear readers! Today I will share an egg recipe. Egg tawa roast is one of the easypeasy recipe and one of the best recipe I ever tried. I personally liked it very much. I adapted this recipe from Seema D Shenoy.Thank you so much Seems. Using the samerecipe, I also prepare egg burji for my kids and they just love it.This ... Read More »

Anda lal masala(Egg in red masala)

Anda lal masala is a spicy egg preparation.I adapted this dish from my facebook friend Kudpi maam whose the owner of the  lovely space Kudpiraj’s garam tawa.I modified the recipe slightly as per taste.I have mentioned the modifications  in my notes.Below here is the exact recipe on how maam has shared.The recipe came out very tasty and spicy and reminded ... Read More »