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Microwave Khandvi

Khandvi is a popular Gujarati snack . Some years back I learn’t the technique to prepare it from Santoshi . Ever since that I have prepared it countless times.. It can be prepared manually , in  microwave or in pressure cooker. I’ve been following microwave method since a year. Special thanks to Santoshi Nayak for the link and Khandvi .Ever since ... Read More »


Dabeli is a popular street food of Gujarat . I first tasted this snack at Amma’s place when Santoshi had prepared it some years back . Ever since that it has become a regular preparation at Amma’s place . Back then we used to get the Dabeli masala powder from Mumbai as it was not easily available in Mangalore . But ... Read More »

Undhiyu / Surti Oondhiyu

As promised as per my last post,today is Undiyu,again our own Gujarathi dish.I had tasted Undhiyu several times but had heard, it was a tedious procedure to cook and the recipe calls for seasonal vegetables which is not available everywhere.So i had never ever had given a thought of trying my hands at it.But when my eyes fell on this ... Read More »

Methi Muthia /Steamed/fried

Its our favourite Gujarathi dish again.This time it is steamed and fried version of methi muthia/muthiya.This is one of the popular Gujarathi cuisine prepared out of fenugreek leaves.Usually Steamed version is prepared as a snack and the fried ones are used in Shaak which means curries like in  Undhiyu(coming up next) and many other curries.Steamed version is anytime healthier over ... Read More »

Khaman Dhokla,version 2

This is the second version of my favourite farsan  Khaman Dhokla.Farsan means snacks as in Gujarati.. Gujarati food has always been my favourite be it Khandvi,Ragda patties or Gujarati Dal,the list is endless.This time I adapted the recipe from Tarla Dalal’s Video.Tarlaji is a popular chef  and is famous for her cookery books,videos etc.I really admire the simplicity in her and her talking style.It is ... Read More »

Khaman Dhokla

As a kid Khaman Dhokla has been my favourite.I don’t remember the first time I tasted it but knew the dish and name since school days. Ofcourse it was introduced by our Bombay relatives which I had mentioned in some post…..I love Gujarati dishes and not only enjoy preparing it but also like to relish it.Khaman Dhoklas are very easy to prepare and is a popular Gujarati farsan.Recipe ... Read More »


This is my second post of Khandvi in the space.First time I prepared Santoshi’s version and this time I adapted the recipe from Rak’s Kitchen.Rak’s Kitchen is one of my favourite blog and what I like about the blog is her stepwise pictures and detailed recipe with extra tips.I prepared this last Friday in three batches.What I suggest to you ... Read More »

Methi thepla 2

This is one more jhatpat version of thepla. You may use only whole wheat flour or as mentioned below in the recipe with the combination of besan. I prepare this often whenever there is fresh methi leaves in stock.Originally this is a Gujarati recipe.I adapted this recipe from Santoshi Nayak.Refer for Methi thepla 1 here. Ingredients:Fenugreek leaves-1 cup,washed and choppedCurds-1/2 cupWheat flour(ata)-1 cup approx Besan-1/2 cup(bengal gram ... Read More »

Dal dhokli

Dal dhokli reminds me of the song doli taro dol bhaje,dol bhaje….Well, coming back to the recipe this is a popular dish from the land of Gujarat.I love Gujarati cuisine.Dal dhokli means sour chapathi squares in dal.Small pieces of rolled chapathi dough are cooked in a sweet and sour dal.An excellent meal in a dish.The main accompaniment of this dish ... Read More »

Mango Chundo

As kids,whenever my Bombay aunty used to visit us to Mangalore she would get us Mango chundo,Amla Murabba,Dry Amla and other goodies of Maharashtra.Most commonly known as Mango Chunda,it is a mango preserve which can be stored for nearly a year which has a sweet,sour and spicy taste.Gujrathi’s still relish it with Methi thepla..I found this recipe in Divya’s blog and ... Read More »