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Veg starters

Amritsari gobi pakoda


After my first sweet post of the year I’m sure this post will compliment well . Amritsari gobi pakoda makes an excellent starter and I bet it will be a hit at any party . It goes well with the main course too. The preparation is easy peasy and most of the times I love jhatpat recipes. I had prepared this ... Read More »

Corn cheese balls


Corn and cheese is one of the best combination where most of them like to indulge.Corn cheese balls makes an excellent starter and an evening snack.I had large amount of fresh sweet corn kernels in stock and was looking for a good recipe.I found this recipe in Rajshri Foods which was appealing and I gave a try to the earliest.I ... Read More »

Cheesy Mushroom Caps


Cheesy mushroom caps makes one of the excellent starter.My sister Durga suggested me about this dish many a times but somehow I wasn’t confident to go ahead.But this time when hubby dear had brought fresh mushrooms and this recipe from cheries stolen recipes fell into my eyes and I tried it immediately.The dish was cheesy infused  with garlicky flavor  and it ... Read More »

Sabudana Vada


I have already posted Sabudana Pops a year back.This is exactly the same recipe but I made it a different post for the convenience.This is a popular Maharastrian snack and one of my most favourite snack.I first tasted this in Mumbai after my marriage when my father in law had brought it.Few years later my sister in law explained me the ... Read More »

Khatta Meeta Paneer,Sweet and Sour Cottage Cheese

Khatta Meeta paneer is a dish with a combination of sweet,sour and spicy combination.It can be relished as a starter or as an accompaniment with the main course.I adapted this recipe from  Kannada star Sihikahi Chandru’s book.I modified the recipe as per my taste.The recipe is very easy and tasty.Goes well with roti or bread. Ingredients:Paneer- 200 GOnions-2,sliced lengthwiseGreen chillies-2.chopped ... Read More »

Babycorn 65

Babycorn 65 is one of the best starter I have ever tasted.No one can resist eating just one.Babycorn fry is one of my favourite dish.Santoshi prepares this often and I used to enjoy whenever she used to parcel the munchies to me,but now my kids too like it and I have started preparing it at home .Same recipe may be ... Read More »

Noodles cutelt

My recent interest is to watch Foodfood channel and I get so engrossed noting the recipes  that I forget everything 😉 .Well I adapted this recipe from the same food channel.Noodle cutlet,sounds interesting isn’t it?I have tasted Maggie samosa earlier but this cutlet is different and healthy,easy and tasty too.Let me tell you’ll how I  happened to try these cutlets.Sanju as usual, ... Read More »

Mushroom cutlets

Most of us like mushrooms and mushroom cutlets,sounds interesting,isn’t it?Well I had mushrooms in hand few days back and was planning should try something new and this recipe of Aparna’s fell into my eyes and I immediately started preparing it the minute I saw it.Cutlets came out tasty though I felt it was little oily since mushroom even otherwise turns soggy ... Read More »

Harabhara kabab

Harabhara kabab is a all time favourite at our place.Harabhara means anything which is green. Palkhi (restaurant) harabhara kababs are the best in Mangalore.Harabhara kababs are always served with  the green peas and capsicum stir fry in restaurants which enhances the platter.Even I have prepared the same with this kabab as an accompaniment which I will post in the coming days..This recipe ... Read More »

Tandoori Mushroom

I first tasted tandoori mushrooms at a restaurant few years back.Most of our family members  love mushrooms at our place.Tandoori mushroom is my son s favourite so had prepared it on his demand.For the seafood lovers the same recipe can be prepared with Prawns and that s what I did it for my sake.I borrowed this recipe from Santoshi.She often ... Read More »