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Baby Anjal tawa fry


Hello dear readers! Today I’m going to share a tasty recipe of  Baby Anjal tawa fry. Yes, for this recipe basically baby Seer fish is used. You may prepare this with other fish like Mackerels, Sardines, Pomfrets etc. This recipe was shared to me by my aunt. She happened to taste this at her relatives place who cooks excellent seafood. The ... Read More »

Raja Gobboru


Diwali is the only festival where G.S.B’ s are allowed to eat fish after the oil bath or ‘Ganga Snaan’ on the day of Dhanteras that is on day 1 of Diwali . So I thought of sharing this recipe of ‘Raja Gobboru’ which I had tried sometime back. Amma had visited this relative of ours named Shyamala akka . ... Read More »

Shrimps and spinach curry / Sungat galnu vali ambat


We , G.S.B ‘s often prepare ‘ Vali Ambat ‘ or ‘sukkale sungat  ani vali ambat ‘ / dry prawns and spinach curry . Sometime back Amma had prepared vali ambat adding fresh prawns and once she prepared vali ambat with a combination of  dried prawns and fresh shrimps . It tasted out of the world . And I had to share ... Read More »

Prawn curry leaves fry


I had prepared this dish long back and the post was lying in the draft from quite a while since I  had to transfer the pictures from the camera . My camera is acting funny past few days and the quality is not so good as expected these days . Another reason is night shot . Please excuse for the ... Read More »

Prawns Uruval


Uruval is a popular South Indian starter and it tastes fantastic . I had prepared Paneer uruval long back and I applied the same recipe for preparing prawns uruval which became a superhit at our place . As I have already mentioned earlier one may prepare this recipe with mushroon,egg,chicken etc …This recipe is a keeper. Ingredients to be marinated: ... Read More »

Special Pomfret Masala Fry


I adapted this recipe from Zee Kannada cookery show which was telecasted today.I had Pomfret in stock in  the freezer and I decided to prepare it for dinner tonight and stuck to my decision.This dish came out super duper good and I could not resist myself from posting the recipe.The aroma and flavour was simply fantastic.This recipe is a keeper.Recipe adapted ... Read More »

Prawn 65


I adapted this recipe from a Kannada cookery show where the original recipe was prepared with Chicken.I was so tempted to prepare this dish ,that I prepared it with prawns as I had it in hand and the result was fingerlicking good.This is no one cant eat just one dish,so very tempting dish.Stay tuned for more recipes! Ingredients:Prawns -25(cleaned,deveined)Onions-2, choppedChilly ... Read More »

Khekda Kalimirch,Pepper Crab, a Tribute to Chef Vikas Khanna


Recently I bought my first recipe book of Chef Vikas Khanna’,’The Great India Cookbook’ and also his first recipe book published .The recipes are very   interesting and irresistible.And  when we had the fresh catch of rock crabs in hand,I decided to try this recipe.Yes,my sunny boy loves to go  fishing with his dad as a hobby and they got this ... Read More »

Bangude Maharani(Raja Rani/Mackerel Queen)


Now what on Earth is this dramatic dish ? Well , it is none other than Mackerel Masala fry. Bangude means Mackerel as in tulu and Raja means Mackerel as in Konkani . And rani means Queen. When Kudpimaam had posted this drooling dish  two days back I tried it as early as possible, as it was so drooling. Its been a while since I’m gymming and controlling my food habits in a ... Read More »