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Mussels masala fry

Mussels ,most commonly known as Neeli in konkani ,found  abundant in Kerala.Mussel farming is most common in North Kerala.Studies say that people who consume Mussels have lower risk s of suffering from arthritis.It is also an excellent source of omega3 fatty acids,iodine etc Ingredients: Mussels-15 Chilly powder-2tsp Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp Vinegar-1 tsp Pearl onons-12 Garlic-6 Curry leaves-10 -12 leaves Coriander ... Read More »

Pomfret with ginger and onion curry

This is an authentic  konkani preparation prepared in most of the GSB homes.Pomfret with ginger and onion is known as  pomfret alle piyavu in konkani. Alle means ginger and piyavu means onion.This fish  has many health benefits.It contributes to one of main table fish in India.It is also known as  Silver pomfret. It is very tender while it gets cooked and very ... Read More »

Prawns Kalimirch

When it comes to cooking seafood the first thing comes in mind is Prawns.Kalimirch is nothing but  Black Peppercorns.They are very healthy and it should be included in the daily diet.This dish is very spicy and peppery. Ingredients 1: Powder: Jeera-1/2 tsp Coriander seeds-2tbsp Cloves-3-4 Cinnamon-1” Black pepper -2tsp Dry roast the above spices and powder it. Ingredients 2 : ... Read More »