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Wheat thin crackers

Christmas is just over but I am still in the festive mood. Baking is my passion and I love to learn and experiment new recipes. I had tried this recipe sometime back and thought of sharing it today. A very easy peasy recipe and a must try bake. I found this recipe in a baking guild and I saved the ... Read More »

Eggless oats cookies

This cookie is a very simple preparation with just 4 ingredients . They are light , crisp and melt in mouth . I have just fallen in love with this cookie . It also reminds me of nankatai . I had tried this recipe accidentally thinking some other cookie recipe which I wanted to try but  lucky me I tried this . This recipe is a ... Read More »

Eggless oats and chocochip cookies

Baking is my passion and it relieves a lot of stress. Recently I found a handy sieve which I was longing to have since a long time . I had seen it in few food blogs. In Mangalore you will find it either in Harsha or homecentre (lifestyle). I have enclosed the picture in my pictorial presentation.These cookies are my daughter ... Read More »

Christmas cookies

Ho!Ho!Ho!Christmas bells ringing everywhere..December month had been a crazy lazy month for me.I’m  in a  holiday mood and have become super duper lazy.All I did was browsing interesting baking pages and watching interesting cake decoration videos.The endless list of ‘to be tried ‘ list is  overfilling.I have taken lot of  food pictures past few months which I will share the ... Read More »

Melting Moments/Vanilla and chocolate flavour

                                       This is one of the cutest cookies I have ever baked.My kids liked it so much that I had to bake many batches.My daughter complimented me that it tasted just like the Bangalorean famous cookies badamika/chocomika (Anand sweets) and she suggested ... Read More »

Ragi cookies /Fingermillet cookies

Recently I tried ragi rawa idli (recipe from a source) and I was disappointed with the result.It became super hard and tasteless.There are times when most of us have flops.Nobody is perfect….Coming back to the ragi cookies I had surplus ragi flour and I wanted to prepare the possible things I could do.And when I searched for ragi cookies recipe ... Read More »

Eggless tutty fruity cookies,Valentine’s special

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and to make it memorable I baked few goodies this year.I just love eggless bakes and these cookies were super good.I got to see these cookies in most of the blogs where the recipes were almost similar.These cookies are also called as slice and bake cookies.I used red tutti fruiti in the recipe as red is ... Read More »

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies,Christmas Special

I had bookmarked this recipe last Christmas but was a bit hesitant to bake as it contained eggs and as you’ll know I don’t like bakes which contains eggs despite being a egg lover.But henceforth I have decided that I will try my hands with some exclusive goodies with minimum eggs as my kids and other members of the family ... Read More »

Eggless Christmas cookies /Shortbread cookies

                         Christmas time is incomplete without Christmas cookies.I baked these cookies as a trial last week with my new cookie cutters which I had bought recently. I baked it again today and my 16 year old decorated it with interest . It was looking truly beautiful.I have an endless list of ... Read More »

Butter Cookies,Eggless

Few days back my sister called me from U.A.E to send few goodies from Mangalore with her friend who is returning back soon.And butter cookies was one of them.We get  best homemade butter cookies in Mangalore but since it is in great demand it gets sold like hot cakes.But fortunately or unfortunately I didn’t find it  in any stores despite ... Read More »