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Avale chutney, Gooseberry chutney

Hello dear readers ! Today I will share a g.s.b style avale chutney recipe. Avalo means Gooseberry. We use brined gooseberry for this chutney. Now brined gooseberry is easily available in the stores. But Amma still makes it at home when in season. This chutney goes well with paej or gruel. Gooseberry is also called as Amla in Hindi. Amla ... Read More »

Batate tomato gojju

This gojju is a popular Konkani dish prepared as an accompaniment with other dishes. This was my Papa’s favourite gojju and Amma would prepare it frequently. Recently while I went for my evening walk with my neighbour friend and as usual we were talking about recipes and food and potato tomato gojju was the topic of the day’s discussion. And ... Read More »

Tomato gojju , recipe #3

Hello dear readers ! Its been a long time since I blogged  and was missing blogging very badly. Today I will share an easy peasy recipe of tomato gojju. This gojju tastes very good and compliments well with chapathi. This is my aunt Pushpakka’s recipe and a keeper. I have prepared this gojju numerous time on popular demand . Stay ... Read More »

Tomato Gojju,recipe no 2

This is the second recipe of tomato gojju in the space . I adapted this recipe from my cousin Prasad’s wife Sandhya . Recently I had mentioned about my Bangalore trip to do my fondant workshop and my stay at Papa’s sisters’s place  . Sandhya was   a wonderful hostess  and she feasted us with her tasty dishes . One ... Read More »

Kothambari palye gojju/Coriander leaves Indian style sauce

Kothambari palye or pallo means coriander leaves.This is a popular GSB gojju/a kind of sauce prepared with the coriander leaves and used as an accompaniment with the main course.This tastes tangy,spicy and sweetish in taste.So it is the combination of three flavors. I learn’t to prepare this gojju from my Amma. This is an easy peasy recipe.I like to have this gojju just like that.    ... Read More »

Tomato Gojju

Tomato gojju is one of the very simple and common recipe . I learnt to prepare this gojju from my Mamama and I have been preparing this since long time . There are many variations with this recipe .  This chutney goes well with Paan polo,chapathi or puri.         Ingredients: Tomatoes-1 cup,chopped Rasam powder-2 tsp(or sambhar powder) ... Read More »

Ambya gojju

Ambya gojju is a famous dish of the GSB’s.I borrowed this recipe from my Mamama(maternal granny).The star of this dish is Mango.This is a sweet,tangy and spicy gojju and a very simple preparation. Mamama used to enjoy her main course only with this  gojju as she was a die hard Mango lover.Until her last breath she was in my Mama’s house which ... Read More »

Gulla bhajji(Roasted eggplant)

Few days back I had posted a similar recipe on Gulla bhajji,but that was the boiled  eggplant version and this is  the roasted version.Though the recipe and the ingredients  is similar the taste is totally different.My husband likes the roasted version and I like the boiled version. Gulla means brinjal,aubergine or eggplant.I used the green brinjal.Goes well with gruel or paez. Ingredients: ... Read More »

Gulla bhajji

Gulla means brinjal .Gulla bhajji is a popular GSB dish.This is prepared by boiling the brinjal and tomatoes,second method is by roasting the brinjal which I will post in the coming days.My aayi(grandma) used to prepare this dish  very often.This goes well with  lunch or dinner as an accompaniment.I like to eat it chilled.There are 2 combinations with this recipe.Either you ... Read More »

Batate ambuli gojju

Batate Ambuli gojju is again a Konkani dish. Batate means potato and Ambuli means ripe mango,gojju means both the ingredients which are smashed  together  especially  using the hands which adds extra taste.Ripe mangoes have already started to crop in our factory garden and almost daily we use it in our everyday cooking in some form.It is also used as a tangy ingredient ... Read More »