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Aloo Kulcha

Hello dear readers! Today I will share Aloo Kulcha recipe which I had tried long back from the blog vegrecipesofindia.com . This Kulcha comes out very good and goes well with any North Indian gravies. I had made Dum Aloo as a combination… Very soon I will share the recipe of “Sweet potato paratha”. Sounds interesting right ? Until then ... Read More »

Bhature, recipe no #3

I’m really surprised I’m finding so many interesting recipes in my folders which I have not yet shared in the space. Today I will share the recipe of Bhature. There are so many methods of Bhature and I like to try new recipes. Chole compliments well with Bhature with a dash of lime and some onions. For chole recipe check ... Read More »

Pudina chapathi

This is the 3rd recipe of Pudina chapathi in the space.Earlier I had posted 2 recipe’s on pudina paratha with different variations.This recipe makes a very soft chapathi and is loved by everyone at our place.Santoshi prepares this often and I borrowed the recipe from her.This chapathi goes well with Dal fry or any North Indian or South Indian curry.I ... Read More »

Bread Bhatura

This is the second recipe of Bhatura in the space but with a twist.Yes,this is called as Bread Bhatura as brown bread is added to the dough.I borrowed  this recipe from Santoshi Nayak which she adapted from Niyas world .I prepared Amritsari Chole which complimented well with this Bhatura.For Amritsari Chole click : HereRecipe adapted from : Niyas World Ingredients:Wheat ... Read More »

Methi thepla 2

This is one more jhatpat version of thepla. You may use only whole wheat flour or as mentioned below in the recipe with the combination of besan. I prepare this often whenever there is fresh methi leaves in stock.Originally this is a Gujarati recipe.I adapted this recipe from Santoshi Nayak.Refer for Methi thepla 1 here. Ingredients:Fenugreek leaves-1 cup,washed and choppedCurds-1/2 cupWheat flour(ata)-1 cup approx Besan-1/2 cup(bengal gram ... Read More »

Methi thepla

My all time concern is to give the kids healthy and home cooked food.And the common roti I prepare often for them and us is Methi thepla.I was introduced to this flat bread after my marriage when I was in Mumbai,my mama in law used to prepare tasty thepla’s. Thepla’s are very convenient to carry  during travel.It is a staple food of Gujarat.But no ... Read More »

Butter garlic naan

Butter garlic naan is a soft  Indian bread  garnished with lots of chopped garlic and is infused with the garlic flavor.It is most often accompanied with the North Indian gravy.I prepared Butter Chicken and Tandoori murg with this  which is a very good combination.Traditionally it is baked in an Indian oven called as Tandoor. But it is  mostly found only in restaurants or in North India especially Punjabi homes. ... Read More »

Makki Di Roti

Makki Di Roti is a flat Punjabi bread made out of maize flour .It is yellow in color when it is ready and has much  less adhesive strength.The best accompaniment is Sarson Da Saag (Mustard leaves curry),Buttermilk and a generous blob of butter. Recipe adapted from Show me the curry and Nita mehta Ingredients: Makki Ka Atta (maize flour) – ... Read More »

Bili Holige (chiroti rawa chapathi)

Bili holige is a dish from Karnataka and is famous in Bangalore.Bili means white in Kannada.Holige means stuffed paratha.But in this recipe I am not using any stuffing.There are various recipes and names for this rotti.This dish is prepared  by using Chiroti rawa.Chiroti rawa is  very fine wheat rawa.This chapati is very soft and  very tasty .No one can eat ... Read More »