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How to store Green peas ?

I wanted to make a post on this long back and finally I’m sharing it in the space. But I realized half way while I was preserving the green peas so could click only few pictures. Will edit with better pictures when I do it again. Whenever  green peas is in season or you have in excess or don’t want ... Read More »

How to decorate Gowri puja coconut / Vayna?

This year while decorating the Vayna/puja coconuts it suddenly dawned on me to make a post on it. So immediately I tried to take pictures as much as possible during the procedure. I took help from my friend and neighbour Anuradha while decorating so that I was doing right. Amma would help me all these years so I never was  serious ... Read More »

How to make caramel syrup ?

As promised I’m sharing the recipe of caramel syrup today . This is an important recipe for those who love baking. Caramel syrup is used to bake caramel cake and also in plum cakes. This can also be used to drizzle over desserts. The ingredients of the recipe is very few and the recipe looks very simple. But I learnt ... Read More »

How to make caramel sauce/salted caramel sauce ?

This is a one of the deadliest recipe I’m sharing in the space.There is always a confusion between the caramel sauce and caramel syrup. I , myself was in the confusion category until recently. Now that I have revised and practiced many a times I thought of clearing the doubt and sharing it in the space. I’m sure it ‘ll be ... Read More »

How to soak fruits for christmas fruit cake ?

Soaking fruits is  one of the important process of fruit cake. This year , for the first time I soaked fruits in alcohol ie in Rum  for over 3 weeks . The more you soak the fruits , better the outcome . My wish is to soak the fruits  for next Christmas in advance . If you have the desire to bake ... Read More »

How to weave/make Khotto ? A small pictorial with the method

If I didn’t post ‘the making of Khotto’ my future post on ‘Khotto’ would have been incomplete….That is the reason I’m posting this small pictorial and method on ‘the making of Khotto’.Khotto is a popular breakfast of the G.S.B’s and few Mangaloreans.                                    In ... Read More »

How to sprout Green Gram /Horse Gram/pulses

Sprouting or germinating the pulses is a very healthy procedure.It is packed with low fat proteins.They also contain many antioxidants, enzymes,minerals etc.They are low in calories and best for those who are dieting.I prefer homemade sprouts over the store bought.The common sprouts we do at home is Green gram or moong and Horse gram or kulithu.Same procedure may be applied for sprouting other ... Read More »

How to blanch palak and puree with stepwise pictures

This is a  very easy peasy procedure which hardly takes few minutes.It is better to puree the palak and store as the leaves rot very fast.Secondly it is very handy to prepare the  dishes.I prepare palak paneer often so I puree and store it for my use.Sometimes small tricks saves a lot of time….. Ingredients:Palak-1 bunch(15-20 leaves)Water-3-4 cups approxMethod: Wash ... Read More »

Dulce De Leche

Dulce De Leche is pronounced as DOOL-se-de Le-che.It is a thick sauce or syrup which means milk jelly in Spanish.I first came across this New thing in Divya’s blog last year and was very tempted to try that ever since I saw that.The main ingredient of this sauce is condensed milk.I followed the instructions exactly as Divya suggested and the procedure was ... Read More »