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North Indian Gravies

Punjabi Kadhi Pakora

Hello dear readers! I’m back after a short break. Today I’m going to share a Punjabi dish called as Punjabi kadhi pakora. Fenugreek fritters  (pakora) in buttermilk sauce(kadhi).  I found this recipe from Chef Sanjyot Kheers you tube video. It looked so appealing that I gave it a try. The dish came out very good and I paired it with  ... Read More »

Hawa Hawai, Panchmahal hotel special curry

Hawa Hawai was our  favourite childhood dish. The name sounds sexy isn’t it ? As I have already shared in the space back then as kids, there was a tradition of Amma making Pulav every Saturday’s and Pappa would get some vegetarian gravy from different vegetarian restaurant’s . This particular dish was introduced to us by our Pappa. He used to get ... Read More »

Hari Moong Masala,Green gram curry

I found this recipe in ‘Aashirvaad’  page and found it to be easy,healthy and tasty.I gave it a try and it came out very well.This dish goes well with rice and roti.Good for health freaks too.I wouldn’t mind eating a bowl of this as my main course as it is makes a great filling to the tummy and is packed ... Read More »

Paneer Kalimirch

Due to rain our server is down and I was badly missing blogging since a day.Even now the network is very poor and I cannot access wi-fi.I found this picture of Paneer kalimirch in one of my old folder in my desktop and thought of sharing the recipe…Palkhi,a restaurant in Mangalore serves the best Paneer Kalimirch.Keeping that taste in mind ... Read More »

Amritsari Chole /Chole

This is the second Chole recipe in the space.Chole Bhature is always my favourite dish and my kids also love it to the core.I followed my regular recipe with slight additions which I adapted from Santoshi Nayak plus modified it as per my needs..This aromatic chole compliments well with Bhature.I will be posting both the  dishes together but will be ... Read More »

Kaju Masala,A cashewnut based curry with stepwise pictures

This is  again my friend  Aparna Kamaths recipe.Kaju means cashewnuts.This is a rich cashewnut curry where you get to relish cashewnuts in every bite.I bought store bought Khubus roti as a combination with this curry.For all those who love cashewnuts in any form will love this dish.I had first tasted Kaju masala in the wedding function and   it used to be a ... Read More »

Vegetable Kurma

Yesterday I prepared this Vegetable Kurma as a combination with the ghee rice.Vegetable Kurma is a popular North Indian dish and is prepared all over India.It makes a good combination with Puri/poori,chapathi,pulav,ghee rice etc.I adapted this recipe from my friend Suphala Shenoy who comes out with very good vegetarian recipes. Ingredients:Carrot-1,diced into cubesBeans-4,dicedGreen peas-1/3 cup(I used frozen)Cauliflower-1 cup,cut into small ... Read More »

Methi n Soya chunks kaju masala

This is one of the healthy and rich North Indian dish with fresh fenugreek leaves and protein packed soya chunks in a creamy cashew gravy.The original dish called only for kasuri methi (dried fenugreek leaves) but I had fresh ones in stock so I added that plus kasuri methi.I also added  an additional tomato sauce for tangy taste.The dish tasted ... Read More »

Nawabi paneer curry

Nawabi paneer curry is a rich cashew based gravy which goes well with roti and rice.This gravy is a combination of paneer and green peas in a creamy gravy.I love any North Indian dishes.I found this recipe while browsing  recipes on net and found it very interesting.The dish came out very good. Recipe adapted from- Monsoon spice Ingredients: Paneer-200 gms ... Read More »

Dum aaloo 2,baked version

Few days back, when my friend Suphala Shenoy posted Dum aaloo I had bookmarked it immediately in my to do list. I prepared it this week and enjoyed it with Bile holige. I slightly modified the recipe as per our taste. Since my kids don’t like whole garam masala  I substituted with garam masala powder and also added fresh cream ... Read More »