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Cup cakes and Muffins

Dates and toffee mini bundt cake

Almost all the Indian festivals are done and it is time for Christmas . It is one of our favourite festival. It brings joy to everyone. And Christmas means bake time. Though there is a long time ahead the thought itself gives you a festive feeling. My daughter warned me it is high time I stop making Indian sweets and ... Read More »

Eggless carrot cupcake

This is one of the oldest picture I found in my F.b folder and a favourite at home. This is also a healthy bake since wheat flour is used and carrot has many benefits too. I love baking and I would want to share the recipes in the space as much as possible. As of now I do not have ... Read More »

Eggless Chocolate muffins

Divya Kudua’s blog is one of  my favourite blog  especially I just love her baking goodies,it is always a success.This time my fb Friend Mrs Vidya Nayak Shenoy had posted this and I was tempted to try it out.Muffins came out very good and eggless ones are  my most favourite . And with Christmas around the corner I’m fully geared ... Read More »

Vanilla cupcake with stepwise pictures

Baked these beauties last week recommended by Divya Kudua on request.Planning to bake this for a cause which is coming soon.Very easy bake with no complications.Everyone at our  place loved it very much.I just love the aroma of Vanilla and is one of my favourite flavour be it in cakes or ice cream.Recipe adapted from:Easycooking Ingredients:All purpose flour-2 cupsButter-1/2 cupSugar-1 ... Read More »

Orange muffins

Baked this lovely muffins for a sweet friend Shwetha Amith Pai.Recipe is same as of Orange bundt cake.Muffins came out to be soft and fluffy.Thought of sharing pictures of these beauties.For recipe refer orange bundt cake.Only thing is grease the cup cake moulds,place the liner and fill the batter only until 3/4 th for beautiful muffins. For recipe refer here Read More »

Chocolate cup cake

I baked these batch of cup cakes in my newly bought  Bajaj OTG last month. In fact I inaugurated with this lovely bake .And my  first attempt was a success ,so I really love my OTG. If you are a chocolate lover you will definitely love this  deadly cupcake.I adapted this recipe from Joy of baking, where she has explained step wise easily.And the picture looked so inviting I ... Read More »

Chocolate chip muffins

                                                    Its been a while since I have been baking this muffin and has become my signature muffins since then. Infact these were the first muffins I ever baked and I succeeded in the first attempt itself . I ... Read More »

Chocolate cup cake(Eggless)

Happy Eid  Friends!After a long long time I baked today.My daughter loves cakes and she keeps insisting me to bake one.When it comes to baking I prefer egg less bakes.Of course I love eggs in the curry or direct preparation forms. And I do bake eggie versions  for my family….Coming back to the recipe this cake is truly divine.I just love the aroma of the ... Read More »

Red velvet cupcake

Hello dear readers! This is my first post in the space. I’m really out of words on how to start the post . But I have full faith in the almighty and you dear  readers . I promise to give my best . All my recipes are tested and successful . Coming back to this recipe I partially adapted the recipe from a ... Read More »