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Limbiya kanchi/Brined lemon

Hello dear readers! Today I learn’t one more recipe which I had in my bucket list, ‘Limbiya kanchi’ from my Amma. I wanted to learn this since long time and finally I made it today. Limbiyo means lime/lemon. Though I’m not a kanchi fan I always wanted to learn to make this. This is a kind of pickle. Goes well ... Read More »

Losoni Chutney pitti , Dried version of garlic chutney

Hello dear readers!  Today I will share an interesting recipe which we prepare  often and store it . This is garlic flavoured chutney powder. We may also prepare it with curry leaves. Whenever there is excess grated coconut I make this chutney powder.  I learn’t this recipe from my Amma. Ganesh Chaturthi has almost come to an end  and my ... Read More »

Spicy Kolhapuri Misal Pav

Hello dear readers ! Today I will share a fantastic recipe prepared by my sister in law Santoshi Nayak. It is a famous dish from the streets of Mumbai called as “Misal Pav”. She specially gets the Misal masala from Mumbai. Usually it is prepared with mixed sprouts like green gram, Matki and dried white peas called as vatana. But ... Read More »

Alsande Upkari

Hello dear readers! I’m back after a break. Today I will share a simple recipe of the g.s.b’s called as “Alsande upkari” . Alsando means long beans. Mangaloreans also call it ” Lattande” in the local language tulu. Coming back to the recipe we chop the beans either finely or medium size. So you may prepare upkari as you like. ... Read More »

Anjal Rawa fry

Hello dear readers! Today I will share a traditional Mangalorean fish recipe called Anjal Rawa fry . Being in coastal region we get very fresh catch here and we take full advantage of it. I love fish and it is very healthy too. Normally if the fish is deep fried it tastes better but I maximum shallow fry it in ... Read More »

Dal Makhni

Hello dear readers! Today I will share an interesting dal recipe. Dal is one of the comfort food. It compliments well with rice and roti. I’ve been following this recipe from quite sometime and is a favourite of all. This is Nita Mehta’s recipe from her book ‘Dal and Roti’. Recipe credit : Nita Mehta Ingredients: Whole urad dal -1 cup ... Read More »

Vegetable American Chopsuey

Hello dear readers! Today I will share one of my favourite recipe, “Vegetable American Chopsuey” . I first tasted it during my college days in mid 90’s in “Hao Ming” restaurant. I was first hesitant to try the dish but later got tempted when my friend was having it and I gave it a try. And since then I never ... Read More »

Chilly garlic corn

Hello dear readers! This is my 800th recipe in the space. And today I’m going to share Shilpa Shetty’s healthy recipe. Shilpa shares healthy recipe’s every Thursday on social media. I have tried few recipes like “bunt bomb,” “crunchy beans” and it has come out very good. This recipe was super hit at our place. Recipe credit : Shilpa Shetty Ingredients: ... Read More »

Nang/Lepa pannaphakri/ Sole fish chilly

Hello dear readers! Seafood is my all time favourite especially if it is home cooked. Since I decided to make separate posts for every fish I decided to share ‘Lepa pannaphkari’ recipe today. When the fish is baby it is called as ‘Nung’ and when it grows it is called as ‘Lepa’ or Sole fish. We usually discard the skin ... Read More »