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Nang/Lepa pannaphakri/ Sole fish chilly

Hello dear readers! Seafood is my all time favourite especially if it is home cooked. Since I decided to make separate posts for every fish I decided to share ‘Lepa pannaphkari’ recipe today. When the fish is baby it is called as ‘Nung’ and when it grows it is called as ‘Lepa’ or Sole fish. We usually discard the skin ... Read More »

Vegetable dum Biryani

Hello dear readers! Today I will share a recipe of vegetable dum biryani . I had tried this recipe recently and it came out very well. I partly followed the recipe from cookingshooking and Rajashree food. Though the recipe looks lengthy cooking procedure is easy. You may follow your own method too.  Ingredients for the rice: Basmathi rice- 2 cups ... Read More »

Ghee rice in restaurant style

Hello dear readers! This is the third recipe of ghee rice in the space. And this time it is Santoshi Nayak’s recipe. This recipe tastes just like that of restaurant. It tastes rich because it is flavoured with coconut milk and fried onions and other garnishes which enhances the taste. Do give it a try dear readers!! Recipe credit : ... Read More »

Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls,Eggless

Hello dear readers! Today I’m going to share an interesting recipe called as ‘Pioneer woman’s cinnamon rolls’. I had tried these rolls long back from Divya’s blog and followed the instructions step by step. The recipe is explained in detail and doesn’t require kneading  unlike most of the bread recipe’s . Recipe credit : divyascookbook Ingredients: Milk- 1 cup/ 250 ... Read More »

Jeev kadgi bhajo / Breadfruit fritters

Hello dear readers! Today I will share one more summer/monsoon season special fritters called as ‘Jeevkadgi bhajo’. Jeevkadgi means breadfruit most commonly called as ‘Jeegujje’ in the local language ‘Tulu’ in Mangalore. Breadfruit is usually available during summer season and continues its availability  until few months of monsoon. I have already shared the ‘jeevkadgi phodi’ recipe in the space. Usually ‘bhajo’ ... Read More »

Semolina roast potato

Hello dear readers! Today I will share an interesting recipe called as ‘Semolina roast potato’. This is a very easy peasy recipe and very tasty too. You may prepare this recipe with baby potato or normal potatoes . This dish is often prepared by Santoshi Nayak and liked by all the family members. I would like to try this recipe ... Read More »

Kele Saalli upkari/ Banana skin stir fry

Hello dear readers! This should have been the next post after the banana chips post. Remember I had asked to reserve the banana skin after making the chips? Well, the reason  was to prepare this upkari. Aayi would make banana chips often followed by this upkari. We also reserve the leftover raw banana pieces while making chips and use it ... Read More »

Tendle Bibbe Upkari/ Tender cashewnuts and Ivy gourds stir fry

Hello dear readers! I have already shared the recipe of’ Bibbe upkari’ long back. Mangaloreans like to have it in various ways. We also prepare it adding Ivy gourds. Usually in most of the marriage functions and auspicious occasions it is prepared using Ivy gourds and potato as a combination. One reason because the quantity increases and tastewise also it is ... Read More »

Bikand thallale/ Jackfruit seeds fritters

Hello dear readers! Today I’m going to share one more summer / monsoon recipe. Jackfruit is abundant during summer in Mangalore. Most of the independent houses have a tree or there are friends or relatives who share the crop. We g.s.b’s reserve the jackfruit seeds/Bikand  throughout the year and use it as required. One favourite dish is ‘Bikkand thallale’  which ... Read More »


Hello dear readers! Today I am going to share yet another family recipe of ours called as ‘Elchikerry’. This dish is from Kerala cuisine and the recipe belongs to my late Aayi. Her paternal family was from Kerala and she was married to Ajja who was also from Kerala though later they migrated to Mangalore… Thats how we have the  ... Read More »