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  • Russian Salad

    Russian Salad

    Today I’m going to share a recipe of a salad after a long time. This is a very rich and tasty ...

  • Mushti polo 3

    Mushti polo 3

    Hello dear Readers! Today I’m going to share the recipe of Mushti polo for the third time  .Ye...

  • Chicken Ibrosi

    Chicken Ibrosi

    Well, the name “Chicken Ibrosi” sounds interesting right? The curry is as tasty like its...

  • Baby Anjal tawa fry

    Baby Anjal tawa fry

    Hello dear readers! Today I’m going to share a tasty recipe of  Baby Anjal tawa fry. Yes, for ...

  • Losoni saru/Garlic saru

    Losoni saru/Garlic saru

    Hello dear readers ! Feels so good to be back in the space. Today I’m going to share an easy p...

Urad and Mooga polo


Some days back when I was asking  Amma the recipe of Urad mooga dali polo my aunt who was present there shared the recipe of urad and  mooga polo. This dosa is equally tasty and healthy. Dosa’s are a staple of G.S.B’s . I never get tired of trying new recipe’s .  I first had planned to combine this recipe ... Read More »

Varai Idli


Varai Idli is prepared in most of the G.S.B household during festivities especially during Ganesh Chaturthi or any other religious days. I first tasted this Idli as kid in my Mamama’s house. Now my aunt has inherited her style of cooking and has preserved some of her traditional recipe’s . I borrowed this recipe from my aunt which is my ... Read More »

Urad mooga dali polo/dosa


This is an authentic recipe of the g.s.b’s  called as urad mooga dali polo . Urad dal is split black gram and mooga dali is split green gram.   We actually pronounce as    ‘ Udidu mooga dali polo’.. Amma prepares this dosa often . There was a time I would run by hearing the name of this dosa but ... Read More »

Eggless fruit Cake


Happy 2017 dear readers ! What better way to start the year with a sweet post. There are so many recipes of fruit cake and I love to try new recipes. A new year is incomplete without bakes. This Christmas / New year I tried the eggless version of fruit cake from Divine taste blog. I love to try Anushruti’s recipes ... Read More »

Vegetable stew


This is a all time recipe at our place . This is a must to be made if I prepare Idiyappam . And why not? it compliments so well with Idiyappam. The recipe was shared to me by sister Shan and an easy peasy one too. Most of the times I love to prepare easy recipes.  This is a popular Kerala ... Read More »

Wheat thin crackers


Christmas is just over but I am still in the festive mood. Baking is my passion and I love to learn and experiment new recipes. I had tried this recipe sometime back and thought of sharing it today. A very easy peasy recipe and a must try bake. I found this recipe in a baking guild and I saved the ... Read More »

Caramel Custard


This one particular beautiful dessert which is liked by most of them and disliked by me is one which I hadn’t attempted to try until few days back  as I don’t like eggy desserts where as for cakes its an exception. As I have shared with you’ ll earlier though I eat eggs , like I love egg curry and various egg ... Read More »

Eggless banana wheat bread


As promised I’m sharing my first baked recipe for this Christmas . I have prepared this bread which tastes like a cake several times. Yes, you heard it right. This tastes more like a cake to me than a bread. This is one of the easiest bake and can be served with the breakfast too. Whenever there is surplus over ... Read More »

Kadgi Phodi /Raw Jackfruit fritters


Kadgi is raw jackfruit and phodi means fritters and together it is called as Jackfruit Fritters. This is a traditional G.S.B dish and is prepared in every Konkani/ Amchi household. I’m really surprised how I missed posting this recipe. This is prepared with raw jackfruit . I like to make the fritters when the jackfruit has developed tender seeds as it ... Read More »

Groundnut chutney


I have already posted the recipe of groundnut chutney along with the pundi recipe but I thought of making a separate post of the same. This chutney compliments well with Pundi and dosas. Stay tuned for more interesting recipes ! Ingredients: Roasted skinless groundnut – 1 cup Long red chilly – 2-3 Tamarind – pinch Garlic – 5 cloves Onion ... Read More »