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Grilled bombay sandwich

Hello dear readers! Today I’m going to share an interesting recipe of Bombay Sandwich. It is one of the most popular street snack of Mumbai. When it comes in making sandwiches no one can beat Santoshi. She comes up with tasty sandwiches¬† for evening snacks. And at times we are lucky to taste it. Even my Ajja was a great ... Read More »

Cream cheese sandwich

This is a cold sandwich and can be prepared in a short span . My sister taught us to prepare this and it became a superhit at our place . This makes a great kids party snack or evening snacks. I had shared this recipe with my friend Shree and it became a superhit at her place too . Coming ... Read More »

Grilled Cheese and Corn sandwich

Sandwich is an interesting and attractive snack be it kids or elders,all love it.You may experiment and create your own filling for sandwich.You may use filling like aloo bhujiya ,boiled potatoes,chocolate sauce,peanut butter,banana,mixed fruit,vegetables of your choice and the list goes endless… Ingredients:Corn – 1 cup,boiledOnion – 2,slicedCapsicum – 1 cup (green,yellow, red),diced into small piecesEggless mayonnaise sauce or cheese spread – ... Read More »

Grilled chutney cheese sandwich

I love grilled sandwich and that too with chutney and cheese is sumptuous.I prepared this for the evening snack.This sandwich may be relished with sauce or just like that.I used boiled potato as the stuffing accompanied with chutney and cheese.You may use your own imagination and make the filling.I used the regular bread since Sandwich bread wasn’t available.You may also stuff the sandwich ... Read More »