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Jowar Thalipeeth

Hello dear readers! Today I’m going to share a healthy recipe called “thalipeeth” prepared with Jowar flour. This was prepared for Saturday dinner by Santoshi Nayak. It came out super duper tasty. She adapted the recipe from a food group and tweaked it as per our taste. Thank you Santoshi for passing the recipe and for the yummy thalipeeth and ... Read More »

Spicy Kolhapuri Misal Pav

Hello dear readers ! Today I will share a fantastic recipe prepared by my sister in law Santoshi Nayak. It is a famous dish from the streets of Mumbai called as “Misal Pav”. She specially gets the Misal masala from Mumbai. Usually it is prepared with mixed sprouts like green gram, Matki and dried white peas called as vatana. But ... Read More »

Vaal Masala

I first tasted Vaal in Mumbai at my inlaws place more than a decade back. I just loved my Mother in laws preparation. Recently they brought Vaal to Mangalore during their visit since we love it. So I made Maharastrian Vaal in South Indian preparation. Usually they make Usal or Amti .Vaal means Hyacinth beans or field beans. You may ... Read More »

Dadpe Pohe

Dadpe Pohe is a Maharastrian breakfast and I love Maharastrian food . This is similar to our poha chutney. There are different variations of the recipe. I referred many recipes in the net and tried this recipe.There were recipes which asked to grind coconut and adding tomatoes in the mixture. Ingredients: Thin poha – 3-4 cups Freshly grated coconut – ... Read More »

Thakka Kadi , Maharastrian special

I  learn’t to prepare this dish from my mother in law  and is one of the memorable dish to me .  This is also one of the tastiest and healthiest dish and an easy peasy one . Whenever there is excess buttermilk this can be prepared in a jiffy . You may also dilute curds ,whip and prepare this . ... Read More »

Baigan Masala ,Maharastrian Special

Hello dear readers ! I ‘m back after a long hiatus . Summer holidays are on and I’m making full use of it spending time with family .Though I have many posts to share , today I’m going to share a Maharastrian dish  which is one of my favourite cuisine . I had prepared this sometime back and enjoyed it ... Read More »

Khamang khakdi

Khamang Kakdi is a popular Maharastrian salad and again a Maharastrian recipe in space.Kakdi means cucumber.This is a very simple tempered salad with peanuts as the main ingredient.Those who are allergic to peanuts may ignore it and temper with chana dal along with the other ingredients..I adapted this recipe from Sanjeev Kapoor’s site/book. Ingredients: Cucumber – 2-3 small Roasted and ... Read More »

Bhendi chi bhaji,Maharastrian special

This is a Maharastrian bhaji (vegetable) prepared with Bhendi.Bhendi means ladys finger or Okra . Maharastrian dishes are a favourite at our place since my husbands root is from Mumbai.I found this recipe in a you tube video of Archanas Kitchen.It was a Marathi video but I could follow it and noted the recipe . We loved the bhaji very ... Read More »

Sabudana Thalipeeth

Hello dear readers! Today I’m going to share an interesting recipe called as  “Sabudana Thalipeeth”. This is a Maharastrian dish. I prepared this for the first time few days back and I succeeded to prepare perfect thalipeeth after few disasters. I used a clean plastic sheet to prepare this. You may use butter paper also. Few important points to remember ... Read More »

Sabudana Kichdi

Sabudana kichdi  is a popular Maharastrian breakfast and is prepared mostly during fasting since it is a concrete breakfast. It is often prepared during Monday fasts in Mumbai. Sabudana or tapioca pearls is made out of raw tapioca roots, an underground potato like variety. I learnt to prepare this dish from my Mayi (mother in law) who resides in Mumbai . And with lot ... Read More »