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Chicken Pot roast

Hello dear readers! Today I will share the recipe of chicken pot roast. I have been preparing this dish since a decade and have prepared it countless times since then. The recipe was shared with me by a colleague . It has been my kids favourite and a very easy peasy recipe too.  I always prepare this dish when in ... Read More »

Chicken Masala

This recipe was shared with us from our school friend Sapna Ullal who resides in New Jersey.The recipe was passed to her by her friend which is their family favourite. I tried this recipe when some guests were invited for lunch at Amma’s place and it turned to be a super hit. In this recipe Mutton masala powder is used ... Read More »

Chicken Spring onion

Hello dear readers. I’m back after a short break . Today I’m going to share an interesting chicken recipe. Last week my sister told me that she tasted chicken spring onion cooked by my aunt Mrs Neeta Nayak and it tasted finger licking good. I was fortunate to taste it this week and ask her the recipe . Yes, she ... Read More »

Chicken Ibrosi

Well, the name “Chicken Ibrosi” sounds interesting right? The curry is as tasty like its name. This recipe was shared with me by my aunt who is a very good cook . She had noted the recipe from a cookery show and edited the recipe as per her family’s taste. The naamkaran ie the naming ceremony of the dish was done ... Read More »

Kori Rotti , recipe no 3

Hello friends ! I’m back after a long hiatus. Today I will share a Mangalorean recipe , the famous  ‘Kori Rotti/ ghasi/ masala’. This is the third recipe of Kori Rotti I’m sharing in the space. I had bookmarked this recipe  sometime back and finally tried it recently. This  is the family recipe of  Sarita Bhat , originally her mother Sudha Kudua’s ... Read More »

Chicken kadipatha masala

Hello dear readers ! I am back after a short break . Today I’m going to share the recipe of a non vegetarian dish ‘chicken kadipatha masala’ . The recipe was passed to me by my sister Shantha Nayak which she had come across a video in the net . And I made this on her popular demand .I love ... Read More »

Creamy Masala Chicken

I had prepared this curry last month on my daughter Sanju’s birthday . This curry tasted good as simple as  it  was to cook . I paired the curry with white rice and chicken biryani which my mama (uncle) had shared with us from his factory function catered by ‘Pai caterers ‘ . So it was a grand feast for ... Read More »

Chicken Mughlai

I had prepared this dish few months back and had almost forgotten about the same  . I adapted the recipe from Zee Kannada ‘Oggarane dabbi ‘ cookery show  . It gives me an immense happiness when I share the recipes with you all dear readers . I have faced many experiences in the past which has only made me strong . Nothing ... Read More »

Green chilly chicken , Andhra special

I first tasted Andhra chilly chicken in a popular Andhra restaurant named ‘Nandini’ in Bangalore many years back . Ever since that I’m in love with this dish . Though I eat only the gravy it is one of my favourite dish . My husband makes it a point to get Andhra chilly chicken and Andhra chicken Biryani whenever he ... Read More »

Chicken Mughlai Masala

I had prepared this chicken curry sometime back . I adapted the recipe from my  f.b friend Vidya Nayak Shenoy . She is an expert when it comes to cooking chicken . I modified the recipe as per our taste . Like I added cashew paste, maggie masala magic and tomatoes  which created a twist in the recipe . I ... Read More »