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Varai Dosa , Healthy breakfast

Hello dear readers! Today I’m going to share a healthy breakfast recipe. I have been hunting for healthy recipe’s since few months and trying to eat healthy as much as possible. I don’t believe in starving but making some changes in life makes a lot of difference. I stumbled upon this recipe accidentally while browsing Shetty’s Kitchen facebook page. I tried ... Read More »

Andhra style Mavinakayi chitranna/ Raw mango rice/ #2

Hello dear readers! Today I will share Andhra style raw mango rice. ‘Mavinakayi’ means raw mango. This is again Nandini akka’s recipe. I just love her recipe’s since it is always full proof. If you love tangy taste and love chitranna then this is a must try recipe. Chitranna is the most popular breakfast in Bangalore. My daughter loves raw ... Read More »

Batata vada/ ambado

Hello dear readers! Today I will share the recipe of batata ambado or vada. Batata vada reminds of Madhuri Dixit’s song. It was a popular song of the 90’s.  And while it came to preparing the vada’s, my Mamama would make  the best batata amabado. My aunt has inherited some of her cooking skills and some dish tastes the same ... Read More »

Idiyappam 2

This is an instant version of Idiyappam. You may buy any brand of store brought Idiyappam powder like ‘Nirapara’ or ‘Double Horse’ to prepare this and follow the instructions behind the packet. The first time I made it( few years back) , I didn’t have a fine holed sev impression and it looked a bit thick. Later I bought the press which ... Read More »

Rang Pai Poha Chutney

Rang Pai poha chutney is a popular Mangalorean dish . I recently came to know about this dish through my friends MB and CK. MB had shared it in the group  and CK was Nostalgic about the dish. MB was generous enough to share the recipe with us. Ck also  called her Amma and confirmed the procedure of the recipe ... Read More »

Bhature, recipe no #3

I’m really surprised I’m finding so many interesting recipes in my folders which I have not yet shared in the space. Today I will share the recipe of Bhature. There are so many methods of Bhature and I like to try new recipes. Chole compliments well with Bhature with a dash of lime and some onions. For chole recipe check ... Read More »

Mushti polo 3

Hello dear Readers! Today I’m going to share the recipe of Mushti polo for the third time  .Yes, this is the third recipe in the space and more to come.This time I tried my neighbour Vidya akka’s recipe adding ‘charmuri’ i.e puffed rice. Mushti polo compliments well with red chutney and my favourite too. Mushti means fist and polo means dosa..Stay ... Read More »

Tamil style Aappams

Aappams is one of my favourite dosa . And I keep hunting for interesting aappam recipes. This time I found this recipe in my friend Niyas blog. It came out very good and  complimented well with Vegetable stew.Today is my late Papa’s birthday and he used to like Aappam and stew very much . So I thought of sharing this ... Read More »

Horse gram dosa/ Kultha polo

This is a staple breakfast of the G.S.B community. Kulith means horse gram. There are different variations of the recipe. This time I followed my friend Laxmi Shenoy’s recipe . Though I have not tasted any of her dishes yet she is an excellent cook especially sea food. Her Buns and Neer doa(paan polo) recipe is also famous in the ... Read More »

Varai Idli

Varai Idli is prepared in most of the G.S.B household during festivities especially during Ganesh Chaturthi or any other religious days. I first tasted this Idli as kid in my Mamama’s house. Now my aunt has inherited her style of cooking and has preserved some of her traditional recipe’s . I borrowed this recipe from my aunt which is my ... Read More »