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Sagoo Murukku


I like to try interesting recipes especially Chaklis and Murukkus. This time I came across Sagoo murukku. It looked so interesting that I thought of trying it. And the result was  successful. I made 2 batches of the same. Second time I doubled the quantity, so totally I made 3 batches. The murukkus turned crisp and light just perfect for the ... Read More »



Yesterday I shared the recipe of badam burfi which was a sweet and today thought of sharing a namkeen recipe. I tried Thattai for the first time and it was successful . I was very nervous to prepare it but gradually I loved making the procedures. It is very easy if we follow the proper proportion or texture for some ... Read More »

Moong dal Chakli /1,2,3 chakli


Happy Navaratri dear readers ! Today I’m going to share an interesting recipe of chakli . There are so many varieties of chakli’s I come  across often in the food groups and other sources , the list is just endless. Everyday is a learning process and learning is never ending . I love to prepare chakli’s and my family members love ... Read More »



Today is the fifth and last day of diwali where bhai dooj is celebrated on this day.I prepared shakarpara on this day to make it special . Shakarpara is nothing but sweet diamond cuts or sweet tukdi. Though we do not celebrate bhai dooj here in Mangalore , it is celebrated in a grand scale in Maharashtra and few other states . ... Read More »

Rava chakli , diwali special


Today is the  fourth day of Diwali where gowardhana puja is celebrated. Diwali without the preparation of chakli is incomplete . So I made rava chakli for today’s occasion . The chakli came out crisp and was such an easy peasy preparation .This is again my bookmarked recipe and I made it today .I have also added some tips by ... Read More »

Bajjile pohu / Poha mixture , Diwali special


Bajjile pohu or ‘poha mixture’ is a personal favourite of my better half and I keep preparing it frequently with slight variations . Poha means beaten rice . Recently Santoshi  discovered new variety of poha in Nilgiris named ‘Dahi Poha’ . It came out very good , tastewise and in crispiness . I made 2 batches of this mixture which got ... Read More »

Cashew chakli / Mundhiri murukku ,Diwali special


Diwali is just around the corner and the festival of light is incomplete without the preparation of sweets and savories . I had bookmarked this recipe a year back and I couldn’t resist myself from trying this goodness . The result was successful . Homemade munchies are anytime better than store bought ones . I adapted this recipe from rakskitchen ... Read More »

Wheat Chakli,Diwali special


As a kid , ‘the making of chakli’ have always  fascinated me. I’ve been making it since decades,though not perfect,but tastewise it has always tasted good.I like to try new recipe and this time I tried my hands in making wheat chakli.I found the recipe in the chakli press pack of Maruthi Brand,a small booklet with few good recipe’s.The procedure ... Read More »

Butter Murrukku for the Diwali blast


This Diwali was a nonstop cooking at my side specially  Sweets and Namkeens. It is so much fun to learn new things especially  preparing Indian sweets and Namkeens is such a pride.I was concentrating more on the Indian sweets and Namkeens this year.Being in the Fb foodgroups is such an exposure for us foodies,be it new recipes,presentation,photography etc.We get to learn so ... Read More »

Aloo Bhujiya for the Diwali


Aloo Bhujiya/Bhujia is  nothing but Sev,but prepared with potatoes.It is referred as Bhujiya in the Northern part of India.One of the famous Bhujiya is Bikaneri Bhujiya of Rajasthan.In South India it is called as Omapudi/Sev/Shevo.Please check my Omapudi/Shevo post too which I had posted sometime back.Recipe adapted from : Jeyashris Kitchen Ingredients:Besan-1 1/4 cupPotatoes-2,boiled and mashed wellChilly powder-1 tspGaram masala ... Read More »