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Butter naan

Butter naan is my all time favourite flat bread.It is a popular dish of North India.Traditionally it is prepared in the tandoor. But this recipe is with the tawa. I have also tried the method of sticking the naan to the tawa with the water and roasting it directly over tawa. Comes out good.I prepared this naan long time back with the combo of butter chicken. ... Read More »

Butter garlic naan

Butter garlic naan is a soft  Indian bread  garnished with lots of chopped garlic and is infused with the garlic flavor.It is most often accompanied with the North Indian gravy.I prepared Butter Chicken and Tandoori murg with this  which is a very good combination.Traditionally it is baked in an Indian oven called as Tandoor. But it is  mostly found only in restaurants or in North India especially Punjabi homes. ... Read More »