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Bhenda Kismuri

Hello dear readers! Today I’m going to share an easy peasy recipe called Bhenda kismuri. Bhend means Ladys finger or Okra. Whenever there is excess Bhend in the fridge we may prepare this or can be prepared just like that. Recently my sister Durga Nayak had posted this dish in her insta page and I was tempted to try it. ... Read More »

Kananga Phodi/ Sweet potato fritters

Hello dear readers! I’m back after a short break. Today I will share a very simple recipe of sweet potato fritters which is pan fried or tawa fried. This goes well with the main course or as a snack. The recipe is very simple just like any other phodis. Ingredients: Sweet potato – 1 Chilly powder – 2 tsp or ... Read More »


This is again a much delayed post . I have shot pictures of Valval almost every time I prepared it or Amma gave me.This is a traditional G.S.B curry,a kind of vegetable stew with mixed vegetables. Valval is also called as ‘Yogiratna’ but commonly called as ‘Valval’ .This recipe is prepared with eye ball measurement but I will share random ... Read More »

Karathe Ambade ghashi

This is a traditional g.s.b curry which I’m going to share here today. Amma prepares the best Karathe ambade  ghashi. Karathe means bittergourd and ambade means hog plums. I disliked this curry back then as I was a fussy eater .But now I eat everything . This is a mild bland gravy with mixture of all taste like sweet,sour and ... Read More »

Thaikile Muddho

This dish is usually prepared during Monsoon time as the leaves are easily available . Earlier the leaves would grow in the garden . But now it has become extinct since the garden is cleaned on regular basis for various purposes… Thayikile/thaikilo / Casia tora leaves are naturally  grown during Monsoon season and has many health benefits. It can also ... Read More »

Pumpkin phodi /fritters

Some days back when I visited my aunt she was making pumpkin phodi during lunch time . I borrowed the recipe from her and tried it since there was pumpkin in stock . I liked the flavour very much and is very easy to prepare. We prepare the fritters  slightly differently. I will share the recipe in the coming days. Recipe ... Read More »

Butter beans and Bibbe humman

Humman is a traditional G.S.B curry flavoured with asafoetida/hing. Basically Humman is prepared spicy and is strongly flavoured with hing. My Aayi used to prepare this often with potatoes. The same recipe is used for prawns too which we call as ‘sungta hinga uda or humman’.  You may check the recipe here of Sungta hinga uda and click here for ... Read More »

Kulitha Koddel /Horsegram gram curry

Hello dear readers! I’m back after a long break. Today I will share the recipe of Kulitha Koddel, a traditional G.S.B curry . We use the basic masala for most of our curries but some curry is prepared spicy and some less spicy. Koddel is usually tempered with garlic. And I temper loads of it as I love garlic. Kulith ... Read More »

Losoni saru/Garlic saru

Hello dear readers ! Feels so good to be back in the space. Today I’m going to share an easy peasy recipe of losoni saru. Losonu /losoni means garlic . So this is a garlic flavoured soup which is served with the rice and makes a great comfort food. This is my daughters personal favourite too. The recipe was passed to ... Read More »

Kadgi Phodi /Raw Jackfruit fritters

Kadgi is raw jackfruit and phodi means fritters and together it is called as Jackfruit Fritters. This is a traditional G.S.B dish and is prepared in every Konkani/ Amchi household. I’m really surprised how I missed posting this recipe. This is prepared with raw jackfruit . I like to make the fritters when the jackfruit has developed tender seeds as it ... Read More »