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Vegetable dum Biryani

Hello dear readers! Today I will share a recipe of vegetable dum biryani . I had tried this recipe recently and it came out very well. I partly followed the recipe from cookingshooking and Rajashree food. Though the recipe looks lengthy cooking procedure is easy. You may follow your own method too.  Ingredients for the rice: Basmathi rice- 2 cups ... Read More »

Instant methi and vegetable biryani

Hello dear readers! Today I will share an one pot recipe of Vegetable biryani. This recipe was shared by my sister in law Santoshi Nayak. I like to try different rice recipe’s . Many a times I look for easy recipe’s and this is one among them. This can be had with raita or just like that. Recipe credit : ... Read More »

Mushroom Biryani #7

Hello dear readers! This is the 7th recipe of Mushroom biryani in the space. I love making rice dishes . Biryanis and pulav making are my forte. I feel I  have inherited it from my Amma as she makes the worlds best pulav. Coming back to this recipe I stumbled upon it in a food group and checked the you ... Read More »

Khuska ,Biryani rice

Hello dear readers! Back to blogging after a long break . Feels fresh to be back home always. Today I’m going to share an interesting recipe called Khuska. This is nothing but biryani flavoured rice. I found this recipe in the ‘Taranga’ magazine . The minute I saw this recipe I prepared it the same day . This is my ... Read More »

Chole / Chana Biryani

I had tried this biryani sometime back and was waiting to share the recipe  in the space . This summer holidays has really made me one lazy bug and this endless cold puts me off . Coming back to the recipe Chana or chole biryani is an aromatic biryani blended with spices . I adapted this recipe from Zee Kannada ... Read More »

Lucknowi Mushroom Biryani

When it comes to  biryani I equally love to eat as much as I love to prepare .I never get fed up of trying new and interesting biryani recipes.I had tried this recipe from Kudpi maam’s blog sometime back.Its been such a long time that I have been inactive in blogging as the blog technical work is still under process and ... Read More »

Palak Biryani

Its been a long time since I posted anything in the space.There are many posts to be shared which I will post as and when it is possible. Life has taken a small twist. Yes, I have started taking small orders on bakes especially eggless doughnuts and cupcakes. Practicing icing and gaining confidence each passing day. Plus ‘Geeths Dawath ‘ ... Read More »

Egg green masala biryani with stepwise pictures

The original recipe  of egg green masala biryani was of prawn biryani’s.I had noted this recipe from my fb friend Reshma Chander via another fb friend Preethi M Rao.The recipe was very appealing so was the taste.Biryani’s are always salivating.For preparing the biryani rice I followed my usual method in the electric cooker . My curry became little spicy so I ... Read More »

Mushroom Biryani e Dum Pukht

This is one of the aromatic biryani infused with crushed fried onions where fried onions are known as  the ‘Birista’.I adapted this recipe from vegrecipesofindia. Earlier also I have tried few recipes from that blog and have got very good results.Mushroom is a favourite  at our place and I never get tired preparing its delicacies.The crushed Birista is just fantastic in ... Read More »

Mushroom Dum Biryani in Sanjeev Kapoor’s style

This time I adapted this recipe from Sanjeev Kapoor’s site.I first tasted this biryani at Amma’s place prepared by Santoshi and she tempted me to prepare this authentic biryani.The aroma and flavour  was simply fantastic.This recipe is  a must try biryani.You may also prepare this biryani with paneer,egg,prawns or mixed vegetables.Recipe adapted from : Sanjeev Kapoor’s site Ingredients:Button Mushroom -15-20,washed and slicedBasmathi ... Read More »