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Ghee rice in restaurant style

Hello dear readers! This is the third recipe of ghee rice in the space. And this time it is Santoshi Nayak’s recipe. This recipe tastes just like that of restaurant. It tastes rich because it is flavoured with coconut milk and fried onions . Do give it a try dear readers !! Recipe credit : Santoshi Nayak Ingredients: Basmathi rice ... Read More »

Paneer pulav

I often prepare rice dishes as my daughter Sanjana is fond  of it and I find it is a better way to make her eat all the essential nutrients in a single dish.Yes,rice,ghee,vegetable,paneer all paired together.It makes a whole meal isn’t it ?This is a no onion, no garlic rice and is mildly flavoured with spices. Recipe adapted from: nishamadhulika.com Ingredients: ... Read More »

Brahmins pulav,no onion/no garlic

Hello dear readers! I had prepared this pulav long back and it had come out so nice that I had to share in the space. I prepare varieties of rice delicacies as it is the best way to make the children eat vegetables. I adapted this recipe from a cookery show.This recipe has no onion and no garlic and can ... Read More »

Vegetable Yakhni Pulao

I first tasted this Pulao when Santoshi had prepared it sometime back .I liked the mild taste in the pulao and I decided this is a must recipe to be tried and to be shared in the space.Yakhni sounds totally a non vegetarian dish and I was surprised to know it was a pure vegetarian dish.The pulao came out perfectly ... Read More »

Beetroot Pulav

Beetroot is a powerhouse of nutrients and minerals.Though it has high sugar contents it has many health benefits too.The common dish which we prepare at home is upkari (subzi) or salad.Beetroot pulav makes a full meal and is one of the best dish which we can pack for kids or adult’s tiffin . I adapted this recipe from the Zee ... Read More »

Sweetcorn Pulao with stepwise pictures

Weekends are sometimes lazing around,relaxing and cooking is done on a slow phase as we tend to go out and other activities.I wanted to prepare something simple and as sweetcorn is my daughters favourite  I decided upon to  prepare this pulao on a lazy Sunday yesterday.This is a mildly flavoured pulao which can be had just like that or with some ... Read More »

Methi pulao,recipe 2

I have already posted one recipe of Methi pulao sometime back.This is the second version in the space shared by the same aunt of mine who shared the first recipe.This is a quick version of the methi pulao .Methi leaves means Fenugreek leaves which is rich in nutrients and very good for health.This is the best way to make the ... Read More »

Paneer pulav

I adapted this recipe from my FB friend Vidya Nayak Shenoy.This is a very easy recipe with mild flavours and I prepared this pulav for my kids tiffin and also packed for my cousins who were travelling.Though I could taste a tad bit of it,the pulao was filled with the aroma of whole garam masala and tasted awesome. Ingredients:Basmathi rice-1 ... Read More »

Soya pulav

Soya pulav is my daughters favourite and I prepare it often with variations.This time I prepared it with mild flavour with very little spices and it came out very tasty.I served this dish with vegetable chilli milli. Ingredients:Basmathi rice-1 cupOnion-2,sliced lengthwiseCardamom-3-4Cloves-3-4Garlic-8,smashedTurmeric powder-a pinchGhee-3 tbsp approxCashewnuts-10-12,brokenGreen chilly-2,slit into twoSoya chunks-1 cupWater-2 cupsMethod: Soak soya chunks in warm water for 20 minutes ... Read More »

Tiranga pulav

The original name of this pulav is white pulav which I had written in my recipe book during my collage days.My Gujarati college friend  Heena had shared this yummy recipe back in collage.I had prepared this pulav several times when I was in collage and now its been years since I prepared this. Heena wherever you are,thanks a lot dear.I named this pulav as ... Read More »