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Varai Dosa , Healthy breakfast

Hello dear readers! Today I’m going to share a healthy breakfast recipe. I have been hunting for healthy recipe’s since few months and trying to eat healthy as much as possible. I don’t believe in starving but making some changes in life makes a lot of difference. I stumbled upon this recipe accidentally while browsing Shetty’s Kitchen facebook page. I tried ... Read More »

Masala dosa, #6

Hello dear readers! Dosa’s are a staple of G.S.B’s . I tried this recipe from Nandini akka’s blog. I just like to try her dosa recipe’s . It comes out perfect. I have tried several Masala dosa recipe’s from various sources and this is the 6th recipe in the space. Stay tuned for more interesting recipes! Recipe credit: Kiniskitchen Ingredients: ... Read More »

Tuppa dosa, #3

Hello dear readers ! Today I’m going to share the 3rd recipe of “Tuppa dosa” in the space. I had tried this recently and it came out very good. Dosa’s are staple of G.s.b’s  and I love to try new recipe’s… Most important tip of this dosa is use ghee to smear it.  Recipe credit : Kinis kitchen Ingredients: Rice ... Read More »

Sada Dosa

Hello dear readers ! Today I will share another dosa recipe which I tired recently. It was from Nandini Kini’s blog kiniskitchen. She has wonderful collection of recipe’s . And not to forget her recipe’s are full proof. The dosa was easy to spread and came out crisp just the way we wanted.  Recipe courtesy : kiniskitchen Ingredients: Dosa rice ... Read More »

Masala dosa / Sada dosa

Hello dear readers! Today I will share  a new dosa recipe. Last week my sister Shanta Nayak had given me the dosa batter. It came out so good I had to share the recipe in the space. My children love crispy dosas and this recipe was just perfect. When I asked her the recipe she told me she tried it ... Read More »

Crispy Masala Dosa

When it comes to trying dosa recipe I have tried countless recipe’s . This is originally Mysore Masala Dosa recipe but I made plain dosa. Many a times I make plain dosa and pair it with chutney. My daughter Sanjana likes crispy dosa’s topped with cheese. Dosa’s are a staple of G.S.B’s. This time I tried Nandini Kini’s recipe . ... Read More »

Urad maida polo

Udid/Urad maida polo is a staple breakfast of the G.S.B’s. I started liking this dosa recently. Tastes excellent with chutney. This is a very soft dosa . As kid, memory of this dosa  was mixing of the maida in the water overnight which was my favourite part and a real fun then. There are so many varieties of dosa’s and each day ... Read More »

Mushti Polo , recipe #4

This is the #4 th recipe of Mushti Polo and there are still more to come. I just like to try new recipe’s. Dosa’s are a staple of G.S.B’s . This recipe was shared to me by my neighbour and super cook Vidyakka. Speciality of this dosa is, a special kind of rice called ‘cut sambar’ is used in the ... Read More »

Cotton Dosa

I like to try new recipes of dosa’s as it is a staple of  G.S.B’s . Cotton dosa or Kapsa polo  as in Konkani sounds so interesting. I adapted this recipe from Nandini Kini. I just love her recipes . This dosa is as light as cotton and very tasty too. Stay tuned for more interesting recipes!! Recipe adapted from ... Read More »

Palak dosa

This dosa can be prepared with any ‘Masala Dosa’ batter. This is in popular demand at our place especially the daughter likes it very much. She tasted it at ‘Sai Sadan’ prepared by her mayi Santoshi Nayak. And I was left with no choice but borrow the recipe. I make it either plain , with cheese or with cheese schezwan ... Read More »