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Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls,Eggless

Hello dear readers! Today I’m going to share an interesting recipe called as ‘Pioneer woman’s cinnamon rolls’. I had tried these rolls long back from Divya’s blog and followed the instructions step by step. The recipe is explained in detail and doesn’t require kneading  unlike most of the bread recipe’s . Recipe credit : divyascookbook Ingredients: Milk- 1 cup/ 250 ... Read More »


Hello dear readers ! Today I’m going to share the recipe of Focaccia bread. Focaccia is an Italian flat bread. It is topped with herbs, olive oil and toppings of our choice. I followed this recipe from Anushuti’s “Divine taste” blog. It came out very good. One important point to keep in mind while baking bread is always use good ... Read More »

Pizza pinwheels

I had baked this goodness sometime back from fondbites bakealong #96 . Subhashini Ramsingh ma’am , my fondant guru , gives us amazing full proof recipes which we can blindly prepare . Almost all the recipes are tempting and I have tried few recipes . Many recipes are in my to do list . I have exactly copied the recipe ... Read More »

Spinach corn cheese toast

Today is the first day of  my favourite month December . I have already soaked the fruits for the Christmas cake . Baking is my passion and learning is a never ending process . Coming back to the recipe this toast is one of my personal favourite and it would have been unfair if I wouldn’t have shared the recipe in the space . ... Read More »

Cheesy bread delight

Hello dear readers ! We just finished celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi festival in a traditional and grand manner with most of our family members around . Coming out of the festive mood September  is again a busy month with sons exams around the corner . But in leisure blogging is a real stress buster . Today I’m gonna share a recipe of cheesy bread delight ... Read More »

Cheesy discs with stepwise pictures

Hello dear readers ! I’m back after a short break . Just today my technical issue got fixed and I thought of sharing an interesting recipe to make a start . But the frequent power cuts is turning me crazy .Coming back to this recipe I tried it sometime back and it came out excellent . Procedure may look lengthy but ... Read More »

Pizza bread cups

This is one of the best recipe I ever tried.I adapted  this recipe  from Fondbites bake along #46 series.I had tried similar recipes earlier with slightly different procedure and it had flopped badly….You may add any filling of your choice.This also makes a great party and kid snack.This recipe is a keeper.     Ingredients: Bread slices – 12 Pizza sauce ... Read More »

Cheesy Noodle stuffed Hotdog

I’ve been waiting to post this dish since a very long time may be a year and had shot pictures several times but somehow I don’t know the reason what was stopping me.As usual Santoshi had discovered this dish as she is an expert in that and had prepared for evening snacks for kids.My kids liked it so much,that I ... Read More »

Cheesy Mushroom Caps

Cheesy mushroom caps makes one of the excellent starter.My sister Durga suggested me about this dish many a times but somehow I wasn’t confident to go ahead.But this time when hubby dear had brought fresh mushrooms and this recipe from cheries stolen recipes fell into my eyes and I tried it immediately.The dish was cheesy infused  with garlicky flavor  and it ... Read More »

Khaliat Nahal /Honeycomb bread

Atlast I’m back in action with my – love,passion that is ‘baking’.This time I’m more confident in the bread baking and I have learn’t to choose and use ‘yeast’ after many failures and research.It is super duper easy.The recipe of this bread looks very lengthy as it is explained in detail but the procedure is simple.I have tried to post ... Read More »