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Thai spring roll

Hello dear readers! Today I’m on blogging spree. I’m digging my folders to find the pictures which I missed sharing the recipes in the space. And there are many to share. Before the picture gets buried deep inside I want to share the recipe’s to the earliest. Thai spring roll is also called as fresh Vietnamese spring roll. I hadn’t ... Read More »

Thai Chana Curry

This curry was prepared by my daughter Sanju sometime back . I had shared the recipe with my friends and they keep preparing it often.We all love this dish a lot. Thai dishes are a favourite at home. I have some stepwise pictures which I will share as of now and will edit with the remaining pictures soon when I ... Read More »

Vegetable thai fried rice

Hello dear readers ! Today I’m going to share my first recipe under  ‘ Thai ‘ category . Thai cuisine are very tasty as it is spicy which suits our Indian taste buds and coconut milk based . This recipe tastes similar like Singapore fried rice of  ‘Trishna’ restaurant in Mangalore . Singapore fried rice is one of my favourite ... Read More »