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Non veg starters

Prawns Uruval

Uruval is a popular South Indian starter and it tastes fantastic . I had prepared Paneer uruval long back and I applied the same recipe for preparing prawns uruval which became a superhit at our place . As I have already mentioned earlier one may prepare this recipe with mushroon,egg,chicken etc …This recipe is a keeper. Ingredients to be marinated: ... Read More »

Special Pomfret Masala Fry

I adapted this recipe from Zee Kannada cookery show which was telecasted today.I had Pomfret in stock in  the freezer and I decided to prepare it for dinner tonight and stuck to my decision.This dish came out super duper good and I could not resist myself from posting the recipe.The aroma and flavour was simply fantastic.This recipe is a keeper.Recipe adapted ... Read More »

Prawn 65

I adapted this recipe from a Kannada cookery show where the original recipe was prepared with Chicken.I was so tempted to prepare this dish ,that I prepared it with prawns as I had it in hand and the result was fingerlicking good.This is no one cant eat just one dish,so very tempting dish.Stay tuned for more recipes! Ingredients:Prawns -25(cleaned,deveined)Onions-2, choppedChilly ... Read More »

Bangude Maharani(Raja Rani/Mackerel Queen)

Now what on Earth is this dramatic dish ? Well , it is none other than Mackerel Masala fry. Bangude means Mackerel as in tulu and Raja means Mackerel as in Konkani . And rani means Queen. When Kudpimaam had posted this drooling dish  two days back I tried it as early as possible, as it was so drooling. Its been a while since I’m gymming and controlling my food habits in a ... Read More »

Pomfret in Koliwada masala

Pomfret in Koliwada masala?Yes,few days back I came across this recipe in  my dear friend Aparna Kamath’s blog and I was tempted to try it that very moment.The original recipe called for Haddock fish,but I opted for Pomfret which I already had in hand and planned to experiment with that itself.The result was simply good.The taste was simply superb.Fish Koliwada ... Read More »

Mothiyale rawa fry(Silver fish rawa fry)

I prepared Mothiyale rawa fry along with Mothiyale piyavu panha as an accompaniment. Mothiyale is nothing but silver fish.This makes an excellent starter in the parties and no one can eat just one.This  tastes good when fried in the coconut oil which gives the extra punch.This is a very simple,easy,tasty and a common recipe.This recipe may be used in the ... Read More »

South Indian style deep fried neeli

Few days back I had prepared Deep fried prawns in South Indian style,recipe adapted from my Bhabhi Santoshi.Same recipe I applied here,only difference is I added all the ingredients and coating directly to the Mussels.Yes,Neeli is nothing but Mussels.I have already posted How to clean mussels,please refer Here to know more.While frying mussels one has to be extra careful since the oil ... Read More »

Tandoori prawns

Tandoori prawns is one my favourite seafood starter.Whenever we visit restaurants I never miss out to order this special dish.In Mangalore we get best tandoori prawns in many restaurants like Palkhi,Maharaja and now it is my place I  bet.In this recipe few batches I grilled in a  grilled pan and few in an electric grill.This is a Dil Maange more ... Read More »

Crispy Prawns

This is one of the bestest crispy prawns I ever had  . The recipe was noted by Santoshi from a food channel . She forgot to note the name so I named this as crispy prawns . For best results use the smallest prawns available and keep the tail intact which adds an extra punch with crispy effect  . Add lots of ... Read More »

Rohu fish fry

Rohu fish or carp fish is a  river fish  which is very famous in Bengal.For more information refer wiki .I bought this fish from the reel in super market last week and prepared fish fry in Konkani style.This fish has to be eaten carefully as it has lot of thorns.So be cautious if it is new to you’ll. Taste wise it is very good ... Read More »