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Horse gram dosa/ Kultha polo

This is a staple breakfast of the G.S.B community. Kulith means horse gram. There are different variations of the recipe. This time I followed my friend Laxmi Shenoy’s recipe . Though I have not tasted any of her dishes yet she is an excellent cook especially sea food. Her Buns and Neer doa(paan polo) recipe is also famous in the friend circle. Thank you Lux for the wonderful recipe. Do try it readers and please don’t forget to share the feedback.



Horse gram / kulithu – 1 cup

Urad dal – 1 cup

Rice – 2 cups


  1. Measure and wash the ingredients.
  2. Soak all the 3 ingredients together.
  3. Grind it together in the grinder for better results .
  4. Grind it finely.
  5. No fermenting the batter.
  6. Add salt to taste and make dosa.
  7. Roast it on both the sides.
  8. Serve it hot with chutney.
  9. If you grind the batter previous day refrigerate it .



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